M*A*S*H Essay Series

The series M*A*S*H has long been my favorite television show.  So much that I have written several essays on it.  This particular section will continue to grow over time, and I hope that if there are any other M*A*S*H nuts out there, we can begin a larger dialogue about all the issues discussed - good and bad.

General Essays

My Love of M*A*S*H
Eras of M*A*S*H
The Salutes of Hawkeye
The M*A*S*H Finale: "GFA"
Review of AfterMASH
The Top Ten M*A*S*H Episodes
The Use of Letters In M*A*S*H

M*A*S*H Issues

Issue #1 - Continuity
Issue #2 - Projection
Issue #3 - "Good" BJ vs. "Bad" BJ
Issue #4 - "Hot Lips" vs. "Margaret" 
Issue #5 - The "Evolution" Of Frank Burns
Issue #6 - Klinger
Issue #7 - Questions Pondered (Part I) 
Issue #8 - Hawkeye Pierce

Season Recaps and Ramblings

Season 1 Ramblings
Season 2 Ramblings
Season 3 Ramblings
Season 8 Ramblings
Season 9 Ramblings
Season 10 Ramblings