Greatest Hits

By nature, I like to be low-key, but these are, I feel, some of my best non-Super Bowl, non-M*A*S*H related writings.  As I have been running Lattanzi Land (some say, into the ground), for only 28 months, it may seem odd to have a greatest hits page, but if 'NSync can have a greatest hits album for their trash, then I am certainly entitled to try and make such a collection as well! 


Frances M. Vinansky - January 6, 1932-January 24, 2010  (2/5/10)
Abramo Pietro Lattanzi, 1925-2010 (10/22/10)
Hanging Out With Grandma (8/13/09)
My Top Pet Peeves (2/11/10)
Educators and Teaching (11/11/09)
A Look At Teaching Styles (1/24/11)
A Little Bit Of A Shift... (9/11/11)
Journey of Faith (10/3/11)


Review: The Day After Tomorrow (8/9/09)
Mayan Doomsday (10/11/09)
The Uselessness of Valentine's Day (2/14/10)
Review: 2012 (11/30/09) 
Pat Robertson, Danny Glover, and Human Contribution (1/17/10)
The Twelve Degrees (or so) of Suing McDonald's (12/18/10)
Series of Writings on the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade (1/22/11)
Why Family Guy Is An Inferior Television Show (1/29/11)
Annoying Facebook Trends (5/6/11)
Top Ten Metallica Songs (5/17/11)
Graduation Bingo (6/2/11)
Environmentalist Religious Thought (7/1/11)
Public Service Announcement For Hurricane Irene (8/26/11)
On Competition (10/13/11)
The Toughest Teaching (10/17/11)
The New Mass Translation (11/1/11)
Top 25 Christmas Music Countdown (12/25/11)


MLB's REAL Problem (8/4/09)
Pete Rose - Never to Cooperstown (8/23/09)
Baseball Hall of Fame Day (1/6/10)
Baseball Instant Replay - A Pandora's Box (8/7/10)
Because No One Gives A Damn (8/12/10)
The Unfair Judgment of Football (11/30/10)
2011 Hall of Fame Ballot (12/31/10)
Idiotic Announcer Terminology I -- II -- III -- IV -- V (1/3-1/7/11)
Winter Sports (2/12/11)
A Look At The Levels Of Losing (2/27/11)
Reflection On the Final Night Of the Baseball Season (9/29/11)
2011 Phillies Autopsy (10/8/11)
Microcosms and Looking the Other Way (5/2/12)