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"The details of my life are quite inconsequential" -- Dr. Evil, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

Josh Lattanzi was born on a hot summer day in the early 1980's in a log hospital in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. Eventually, he made it out to civilization.  He has lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey (or is it Joy-sey?), West Virginia, and Maryland....  

All right, all right, you're telling the story all wrong....

Ahem, *I* live currently live somewhere between the cities of Baltimore and Washington with my wife, daughter, and cat.  I graduated from DeMatha Catholic High School and from Wheeling Jesuit University with a BA in Theology (or a BA in BS, as we call it sometimes).  I work the one job I have always wanted - at the ol' alma mater teaching high school-aged boys the finer points of the Bible.

I have a few hobbies, one of which you are reading, but otherwise, I am a big baseball and football fan (especially of the teams from Philadelphia - I blame my dad!), and a voracious reader.  I enjoy conversation about topics of the day, and politics and religion - the two things we are allegedly supposed to avoid in pleasant conversation.  The weather isn't that interesting though, except in February of 2010 and January, 2016.  I am active in the Knights of Columbus and as a moderator at school of the Academic Quiz Bowl team. 

My favorite movie of all time is The Godfather, my favorite TV show is M*A*S*H (obviously) and my favorite band is Metallica.  However, my movie and musical tastes are extremely eclectic - for music I like classical, oldies, metal, bubblegum, and show tunes.  I enjoy good comedies, dramas, thrillers, and musicals.   

How do I describe my personality?  I am not sure - blunt, loud, and probably a bit obnoxious are words that others have used to describe me.  I would use cynical in a lot of cases.  I am also largely a pessimist, except when I allow myself to get my hopes up for sundry events like playoffs and impending holidays and snowstorms.  

Life a long and slow grind, mostly.  This grind though doesn't have to be boring.  Hopefully you continue to follow along as I share my opinions, takes, and outlook on the everyday happenings in this incredibly strange world.

This is the fourth blog I have done (since 2002), and hopefully, this one stays around for a long, long time.   


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