Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Lattanzi Ten - 3/4/15

News and tidbits from the past 48 hours that are interesting to me...

I was surprised that the Eagles agreed last night to trade LeSean McCoy to Buffalo. My initial thought was what the hell are they doing? But as I pondered it a little more, it's clear that there are two things at work: a) the Eagles are clearing cap room. McCoy was going to cost a little under $12 million next season and frankly, no running back is worth that in today's NFL, and b) Chip Kelly is now using his new-found  authority to create the Eagles in his image and likeness. He has through the 2016 season, in my estimation, to create a long-standing winner. Anything short, and he's back to the college ranks. Maybe.

The most annoying aspect of the King v. Burwell case that was heard today at the SCOTUS is the chatter about the effects of overturning the subsidies.

This is not the role of the Supreme Court with which to concern itself.

The job of the Supreme Court is to decide whether the law says what it says, and even a cave man third grader should be able to figure out that the words "established by the state" means exactly what it says: no state exchange = no subsidy. Last Friday (in #8), I said that this should be a 9-0 case in favor of the plaintiffs with no strings attached. Unfortunately, politics being what they are, I am not hopeful.

The capitulation has been completed, as John Boehner reveals through his actions who he regards as his real enemies. That's too bad. I am convinced now more than ever that 2016 will be a Democratic cakewalk, because the so-called "establishment" Republicans will stoop to whatever level needed to ensure one of their own gets the nomination to lose against whoever the Democrats put up, due to the Lattanzi Ironclad Law of Voting kicking in once again.

I made fun of Martin O'Malley trying to gain inroads against Mrs. Bill Clinton for the Democratic nomination, but the last 36-48 hours have yielded LOTS of juicy tidbids that have caused me to tone down my teasing of Governor O'Taxman. What started out as a charity scam has now become potentially a full-blown scandal. Considering how much the media looked away at other scandals that occurred in the past few years, this is bad. And when you've lost Ron Fournier...

When Barbara Mikulski decided to retire from the representing the great People's Democratic Republic State of Maryland in the U.S. Senate, I almost assumed O'Malley would step in. It is a race he probably could win, since entire swaths of people will reflexively pull the lever for the name next to the "D" on the ballot in this state. However, with all the fun regarding Mrs. Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Warren not jumping in, there is a spot for O'Malley to make a splash.

When Chris Christie came on the scene, he was intriguing. He took on some unions. But he's no Scott Walker. He's just another liberal-lite who probably won't even make it out of the early primary season. Darn. That is sooooo disappointing. Maybe if he needs to feel better, he can go and hug the President some more.

CBS has long had the reputation of being for the elderly, although it does have some successful programming (not that I watch any of it). As people move farther away from traditional television and into streaming, the only thing that keeps a constant audience on CBS is the NFL. Take away football and CBS begins the slow collapse. I'd have ZERO reason to watch, instead of just one. The article is nothing but a bunch of positive spin from Les Moonves, but it is instructive, nonetheless.

Before anyone says that I hate the working man and all that jazz and am in favor of "Big Business" (whatever that even means, these days), please remember that Target has a responsibility to its shareholders as well. People don't invest in business because it makes them feel good (unless it is Solyndra), they invest to make money; when the profits stop, people remove their investments and then you'll have real suffering by the employees...ALL of them.

The latest Storm of the Year Decade Century Millennium™ is at hand. We are all going to die! Saw this great picture on the interwebs:

This more or less describes the attitude of this area whenever it snows.

The Phillies' spring training season is underway and unlike losing to a college team, they beat the mighty 27-time champion New Jerk York Yankees. I can already smell the World Series nearby!

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