Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Lattanzi Ten - 3/25/15

Happy Feast of the Annunciation! The most important "yes" in the history of mankind is commemorated today with Mary's fiat to the angel Gabriel. I went to Mass as well, and celebrated by retreated with the sophomore class. Anyway, back to the normal order (or odor, if you prefer) of things with today's Ten. -- J.L.

1. Flip Sides of the Same Coin

We live in a world of feelings, emotivism, and victimization. The subjective reigns supreme, and while the two stories seem to be unrelated, they both come from the same tree. The idea of literal "comfort zones" is completely unheard of in my book. I live in a world where, despite the opinions you see and read here, isn't particularly favorable to said personal opinions. That being said, I am not going to avoid people and places just because I might read or hear an opinion different than mine. That's life. Because if it were the case, I'd never spend any time in the presence of most of my own family. 

I went to Starbucks on Friday and ordered a Dark Roast Venti. And didn't hear a peep about the "Race Together" thing, despite being the only white person in sight. Businesses succeed when they sell a product that people want to consume or use. I don't wish to consume White Guilt. It's not something that most of the world would like to have. Not even the "baristas."

John Boehner is walking a thin line if he wants to keep using Democratic votes to maintain power, which goes to show that the Republican agenda is nothing more than "we can run Leviathan better than the Democrats." It's nothing but a slightly slower turn of the ratchet.

Yes, I'm going to be "controversial" here. The Democratic senators filibustered a human trafficking bill because the right to murder children in the womb (ahem, the right to "choose"...I got ahead of myself) is more important to them than making sure women and children are not passed around for the purposes of prostitution. Seriously, as distasteful as I find the Republican leadership, they ought to be on TV every day reminding the public (I refuse to use that ugly and patronizing term "the American People") exactly what the headline for this point is. Of course they won't do so; invitations to cocktail parties might be withdrawn.

It seems to me that Mrs. Bill Clinton may end up surviving all this e-mail scandals and taking foreign money. I thought Martin O'Taxman had a real shot of making it a race, but that entirely depended upon the Clinton machine being taken out of commission for scrap iron. Stay tuned, and get the popcorn ready.

Net Neutrality is going to be challenged in court. It isn't going to mean anything for us, ultimately. Once our bills go up, they will stay up. Instead of taxes, it will just be higher fees. I think the courts will split the decision in some way. For example, it will be partially regulated to allow for municipal internet to "compete" while allowing for ISPs to charge more for higher speeds (as it should be allowed to).

The Affordable Care Act is now old enough to go to Kindergarten. Upon signing in March, 2010 I made a series of predictions, many of which have come to pass, except for the fact that the Individual Mandate was not struck down. Yet. There's still time. 

I find the funniest part about the whole "zOMG Israel spiiiiieeeed on us!!!!" flap is not about the spying, per se, but rather that they shared the gleaned information with the real enemy of the administration: the Republicans in Congress. I know they can't be complaining about the spying itself, because Angela Merkel will be on the line ready for rebuttal.

Just wait until President Cruz denies funding to states that have abortion on demand. The howls will be heard all the way to the Mountain of Moloch. Unintended consequences, people. Just as the most dangerous words of the ACA are "as the Secretary [of the HHS] shall determine." I hope that someone like Rick Santorum gets to be the HHS Secretary, just for entertainment's sake, so the authors of the ACA can contort themselves into pretzels attempting to say that the above clause means something different than the plain language of the text. You know, like "exchange established by the state."

The NFL finally decided that TV was actually more important than butts in the seats. Now if only they'd get rid of the stupid territorial rules...

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