Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Observations - 3/8/15

On this great beginning of Daylight Savings Time, we take this opportunity to remind ourselves about the positives of such a switch in the clock. Which would be...nothing, unless you want to take the long view and realize you'll get an extra hour of sleep on Halloween night, which means the kids will be up an hour earlier to eat their candy...never mind. Anyway, on to the stream of consciousness!

- The B Cycle of Lent readings at Mass is one of my favorites, not just because they are short, but because of the selections themselves. Today's readings were the Ten Commandments (Exodus), Paul explaining the paradox of the Cross (1 Corinthians), and Jesus cleansing the Temple (John). Very interesting to hear and very important, all of them, to the faith and the course of salvation.

- So how about this weather, eh? (No, I am not Canadian, but I have plenty of relatives who are, thank you very much) 7.5 inches of snow made for two more days home from school, after having Monday off as well. So just for reference, starting from last week's Observations, this is how the last three weeks have gone:

Monday (2/16) - President's Day (Scheduled Off-Day)
Tuesday (2/17) - Off: Snow Day
Wednesday (2/18) - 2 Hour Delay
Thursday (2/19) - 2 Hour Delay
Friday (2/20) - 2 Hour Delay
Monday (2/23) - 2 Hour Delay
Tuesday (2/24) - On-Time
Wednesday (2/25) - On-Time
Thursday (2/26) - Off: Snow Day
Friday (2/27) - 2 Hour Delay

Monday (3/2) - Off: "Snow" Day...more like, there were some icy spots
Tuesday (3/3) - On-Time, Assembly Schedule (i.e. shortened periods)
Wednesday (3/4) - On-Time
Thursday (3/5) - Off: Snow Day
Friday (3/6) - Off: We Couldn't Clear The Sidewalks Roads In Time Day

So yeah, it's been lots more quality time with children's programming and if I never have to see Caillou's ugly face and hear his whiny voice ever again, it won't be too soon. Thankfully it is supposed to get up into the 50's and 60's this week. Of course, that means schools could close due to flash-flooding. Or something...

- I have always been annoyed at commercials that portray men as stumbling, bumbling, ignorant fools. The latest ones are the series of Clorox wipes commercials. Honestly, what guy is going to put a used toilet plunger on the surface of a kitchen island? Or clean a fish? Or place a naked baby bottom? I know it's played for cheap laughs, but most of us are competent enough to do things around a kitchen.

- Listening to sports talk radio (or any talk radio) can be fun. Listening to callers on talk radio (sports or otherwise) is a painful experience. What brings this up is yesterday at a couple of junctures I was listening to 105.7 The Fan, the Baltimore sports talk station, and the Orioles were the topic. The hosts, for the most part, were rational and sane. The callers, however, were whiny about not signing many people and not re-signing certain players. The hosts tried to talk them off the ledge, but when you take callers as a premise of the show, this is the price paid. It becomes unlistenable radio. This is why top of the hour segments are always the best, regardless of the topic.

- I am going to pull hard for the Orioles this year. No, I am not abandoning the Phillies one bit. I also know that a) the Phillies are a 90-loss team (at least) and b) I am not going to watch many of their games. With the Orioles, they are not a rival (as the Nationals are), and I can watch nearly all of their games. I like the team and their manager. It also doesn't hurt that some close friends are fans. They pulled for me and the Phillies in the last decade, and I can return the favor. 

- The real question about the Phillies is are they going to be the 90-loss team with hope for the future, or will they be like the teams I remember so very well from my childhood: a 90-loss team that everyone knew would never improve as long as the current ownership was in place? I am optimistic (not a common occurrence) that it is the former, but wouldn't be surprised if it is the latter, despite the alleged big checkbook they now yield.

- Hopefully the next couple of weeks will be "clean" weeks. Somehow I doubt this...but we shall see. Stay tuned, and attuned to The Ten in the meantime. We got some guest-Tens coming up soon as well. 

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