Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Observations - 3/1/15

It's Smarch March! And of course, the weather brings us 20 degree temperatures and a mix of snow and sleet. Good times! Off to the stream of consciousness...

- At Mass, I heard a sermon that actually tackled tough issues facing the world as Catholics, namely how the current culture is not working in our favor. I can count on one hand the amount of these kinds of sermons I've heard at my parish in now over 25 years of attending Mass there. Actually, the amount prior to this one resembles a closed fist.

- This winter has been just about the most aggravating as a teacher that I could ever remember. Even the famed winter of 2009-2010 (the "Snowpocalypse") didn't actually disrupt the ability to gain momentum. It may sound counter-intuitive, but completely shutting down for a week actually does less harm than what we've had for the past two weeks. Behold:

Monday (2/16) - President's Day (Scheduled Off-Day)
Tuesday (2/17) - Off: Snow Day
Wednesday (2/18) - 2 Hour Delay
Thursday (2/19) - 2 Hour Delay
Friday (2/20) - 2 Hour Delay
Monday (2/23) - 2 Hour Delay
Tuesday (2/24) - On-Time
Wednesday (2/25) - On-Time
Thursday (2/26) - Off: Snow Day
Friday (2/27) - 2 Hour Delay

As I joked with my students on Friday, we have actually had more off-days (including Presidents' Day) than we've had full uninterrupted days. And...we may end up with a 2 hour delay tomorrow! Even the short unit I have planned for the next two weeks may be in jeopardy. So on we turn...

- My daughter is now two-and-a-half, and one of the things I end up having to deal with is her selection of television programming (If you don't have kids or you can't bear any more discussion of children's programming, skip to the next one). Lots of Sprout and lots of Disney, Junior. But as with most things, there are shows in three categories - 1) I don't mind, 2) I tolerate, and 3) I loathe. The Wiggles, Doc McStuffins, and Chica fall into the first. Super Why!, Thomas the Tank Engine, and the current incarnation of Sesame Street are the second. Barney, Bob the Builder, and Caillou are completely and totally intolerable and loathed. Maybe at a later time, I will do a Ten on children's programming. But for now, as Forrest Gump would say, that's all I have to say about that.

- I was hoping to get some tennis in this weekend, but that won't be happening for a while. Alas. At least bowling is an indoor sport.

- Speaking of which, I am still bowling, although not as well as I have in the past. Part of it is the shifting in lanes that seems to happen every couple of years. New house means new lanes, which means a year of adjustment. I had peaked at 191 in average about five years ago; I am hovering around a 160 now. I blame Bush.

- We'll be back with the next Ten tomorrow evening. In the next couple of weeks, we'll have some guest blogging on these, especially on days when I may not be able to continue. Stay tuned, and if there are any stories or links about which you'd like to see commentary, send an email to the address on the right hand rail. 

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