Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Lattanzi Ten - 2/25/15

Some headlines and points of aggravation on this Hump Day...

On Monday's Ten (Item #8), I said it was time for McConnell and Boehner to put up or shut up on the funding for the Department of Homeland Security. Well, McConnell has tucked his tail and is ready to give in. I apologize in advance for the image I'm about to cause your mind to conjure...

Mitch McConnell is a steaming pile of excrement. No, he's not completely diarrheic like Harry Reid, but frankly, when the s--t storm is falling, one cares very little about the differences in texture. The public sent the GOP this year to put the brakes on this kind of thing, but how it is shaping up is going to be a disaster for the Congressional and Senate races next year, due to the Lattanzi Ironclad Law of Voting:
If people are given a choice between the real thing and an imitation, they will always choose the genuine over the facsimile.
We know what we are getting when we vote Democratic: identity-based grievance mongering combined with eternal promises of ever more "free" stuff for said identity-based groups in the name of "compassion". If the GOP wishes to try and emulate that, then I can guarantee they will be this century's Whig Party. This is why we're doomed.

How serious are we about human rights? We already know the current wave of feminism is a fraud, and I am guessing that all the so-called "opponents" of capital punishment are nowhere to be found either. Because multiculturalism!

I've been down this road before, reminding people that I support being good stewards of the earth. I find it amazing that I have to defend myself here, but because I don't subscribe to the Faith of Anthropogenic Global Warming Climate Change Bad Weather, I have been accused of hating the environment and wanting dirty air and water. Demagoguery is always fun, but it gets tiring, especially when the alleged accusers just jam their fingers into their ears and shout incoherent slogans about Mother Earth and other sorts of environmentalist nonsense.

Muriel Bowser, the new mayor of DC, is heading for a standoff with the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives over the legalization of marijuana in the city. The usual complaints emanate here - why are we beholden to the Congress? Why can't we be free?

a) You are a federal district, not a state. You are not entitled to representation. DC was never intended to be a permanent residence to people, hence its designation.

b) Apply to become part of Maryland, then you can have your representation.

I am completely opposed in all forms to marijuana legalization, but that's another issue for another day. My real complaint is why, out of ALL the things the Republicans in Congress could be doing, are they concentrating on this? Idiocy, I'm sorry to say.

Stupid Party, indeed.

"Net Neutrality" is delightfully numbing euphemism for burdensome governmental regulations of the internet, in the same way that "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" was for medicine. While it's not exactly the same as the issues of the ACA, the similarity which bugs me is that I don't hear a lot of complaints from the big providers of broadband. This tells me that they got theirs in some kind of deal, much as medical insurers signed on to the ACA knowing that it was going to shoot mandatory business their way.

My questions are: 1) Why does this have to be kept secret? 2) What is being hidden that the FCC Commissioners and the Obama Administration not want us to see? 3) Why is this being decided by a literal oligarchy of five FCC Commissioners?

Presented without comment:
The Internal Revenue Service is the enforcement arm of Obamacare, and with tax forms due April 15, Americans who did not purchase coverage and who have not received one of the many exemptions already offered by the administration are discovering they will have to pay a substantial fine. For a household with, say, no kids and two earners making $35,000 a piece, the fine will be $500, paid at tax time.
Tax filing season is enlightening many Americans for the first time about the "mechanics involved" in Obamacare's fee structure, Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett wrote to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on December 29. "Many taxpayers will see the financial consequences of their decision not to enroll in health insurance for the first time when they make the Shared Responsibility Payment."
That is why Doggett, who has since been joined by fellow Democratic Reps. Sander Levin and Jim McDermott, asked the administration to create a new signup period for anyone who claims ignorance of the penalty. On Friday, the administration complied, creating a "special enrollment period" from March 15 to April 30.
Great, another unilateral re-write. Oh, we live in a Constitutional Republic? Could have fooled me.

When most scientists step outside of their comfort zone, they look and sound like fools. 

Actually, this is a story from FOUR YEARS AGO, and it isn't really a story, but an "opinion" piece. Therefore, the people who don't want to hear about it can just gleefully pretend it doesn't exist. 

Anyway, the point is, the nonsense of 77 cents (or 75 cents, or whatever number is being trotted out) is nothing but an unsubstantiated and demagogic cudgel. But, no, it doesn't matter that Hillary Clinton pays her lady employees 72 cents for every dollar a male employee earns, or that the Obama White House pays their ladies 82 cents on the male dollar, because they are compassionate, especially when making proposals that require other people's money to be spent.

Tanking is a problem; it destroys the integrity of the game. While I realize people like to make jokes about it in the professional ranks, the amateur levels (below Division I) of sports are played for pride and for the competition. The very idea of shooting at your own basket, or deliberately taking ten-second violations just so you can get weaker playoff opponents is poor and anathema to those of us who take the integrity of the game and winning seriously. So much for beating the best in order to be the best. 

Cowards. All of them. Coaches, players, and athletic directors. 

This is the same guy who burned bridges at ESPN previously, MSNBC, and Current. Maybe we're not the problem. It was only a matter of time. Olbermann is what he is: an insufferable and arrogant jackass. That isn't going to change. 

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