Monday, February 23, 2015

The Lattanzi Ten - 2/23/15

A wrap up on the weekend and other interesting stories...

The constant digging on Scott Walker is quite amazing to consider. Quite frankly, this is a Hail Mary if I ever saw it. The Post has the sniffles as public-sector unions have been "crippled."

Good. There shouldn't be any public-sector unions. I get why there could be unions in the private sector - and normally the union and management come together because they need one another. Public-sector unions are a pox on this nation. They exist solely for dipping the hand into the public treasury. I have not much sympathy for them as they have lived off the money of the taxpayer for years; God forbid (!) they should have to contribute more to their own medical costs or retirement savings like the rest of us.


2. The Story That Will Not Die, Part I

It's interesting that the media and the Democratic Party keep it alive because they think they can get mileage out of it, but the reality is that the longer this stays in the foreground, the more people will have to be forced to consider it. Obviously the "true believers" will always answer in the affirmative about the President's patriotism, but it is continuously fascinating that the only response is a weird combination of ad hominem and tu quoque.

I am not generally a fan of Ann Coulter (for reasons I will explain later), but she is absolutely right here, especially about the double standards.

3. The Story That Will Not Die, Part II

Remember all the stuff about desiring to "fundamentally transform" America? The best answer I can come up with is that the President loves America as he wishes it would be

4. Extremists Gonna Be Extreme And Do Extreme Things...

If you only looked at the headline, you could be forgiven thinking that the grievances of "Somali extremists" were geo-politically driven. Only when digging down and putting two and two together do you realize that it is religiously motivated. Naturally, we are told by our Political Masters (and now the media as well) that terrorism has "nothing to do" with Islam. Doesn't this violate the fundamental tenet of multiculturalism, that self-identification is the most important aspect? Who are President Obama, John Kerry, the Sorority Girls, and the rest to tell the terrorists extremists what they are and what they represent?

Check your privilege, Mr. President, Mr. Secretary, and the rest of you!

5. On The Employment Front...

This made me laugh. It is a series of job applications if jihadists filled them out. Take a look for yourself. If you don't have a sense of humor, I'm sure you will be offended by this. Because grievance!

6. The "Real" War On Women

For all the talk of "equal pay for equal work," certain individuals don't do a good job practicing what they preach. The money lines come at the end of the piece:
Mark Perry, an economic scholar at the American Enterprise Institute who has written extensively on the White House hypocrisy related to gender pay equality, said that the data on Clinton shows that she is guilty of the same hypocrisy.
“Politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama can’t have it both ways,” Perry said. “They use raw, aggregate, unadjusted gender differences in pay and then claim that those pay gaps are the result of gender discrimination, like the 23 percent national gender pay gap in aggregate median income.”
“They would then have to admit that they themselves are guilty of gender discrimination and have their own glass ceilings to explain, because they have gender pay gaps that are much greater than the average gender pay gap in Washington, D.C.”
Perry said Clinton needs to either put an end to her rhetoric on the issue or admit that she too is guilty of gender discrimination.
“Either Clinton is guilty of gender discrimination and pays her female staffers significantly less than men, or she is guilty of statistical fraud for spreading misinformation about the alleged gender pay gap at the national level,” he said.
Exactly. My complaint (shared with numerous others) is what is summarized in the second paragraph - you can't just compare all jobs with all sorts of hours and then come up with the 77% rhetoric. As my brother is fond of saying...context! Apples need to be compared with apples and oranges need to be compared to oranges. Of course a full-time single man is going to make more than a part-time working mother. Most of the alleged "gap" is the result of...CHOICE!

Of course, choice is only good when it comes to the choice to murder a child in the womb, I forgot.

My bad.

David Catron's work in The American Spectator on the issues of the Affordable Care Act is always worth the read. I have long been opposed to this, ahem, "legislation" (that bears not much resemblance to what was actually passed in 2010). Nancy Pelosi, Faithful Catholic™, said we had to pass it to find out what was in it. We did, and let's just say this video is apt (quality of video is iffy).

It's time for Boehner and McConnell to put up or shut up with the funding bill that excludes funding for President Obama's vote-buying executive amnesty within the Department of Homeland Security. The Democrats keep blocking the bill in the Senate. It is time for the souses gentlemen who lead the GOP to stiffen up and go on offense. Of course, they won't. And this is why 2016 is not going to go well.

9. Just For The People Who Care...

Whoop-de-do. Now back to regularly scheduled programming.

Because he won the Daytona 500! How many Super Bowls of NASCAR did Rusty win?

While I'm not a big NASCAR fan, I can speak knowledgeably about it. It was interesting to listen to the race on the radio, but I am not a fan of the Green-White-Checker finish. It needs to be more than just two laps. It should be at least three, and probably five or more for the shorter tracks. Decent race, nonetheless.

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