Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reaping What We Sow...

I am starting a new blog feature - entitled Reaping What We Sow.  Elections have consequences, and so everything that happens in our society and political world will be chronicled here as a result.

A southwestern Pennsylvania hospital will stop delivering babies after March 31 because its obstetricians are either leaving or refocusing their practices, and because hospital officials believe they can't afford it based on projected reimbursements under looming federal health care reforms.

The Windber Medical Center, about 60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, is losing two obstetricians and two others are shifting their focus more to gynecology.

Hospital officials say the population of women of child-bearing age is dropping and that the number of births the hospital would be called upon to perform isn't enough for it to provide the service in the face of lower reimbursements under the federal Affordable Care Act.
We can talk about being altruistic and how doctors should be in the business for the good of mankind, but the fact remains that with so much in medical school costs and malpractice insurance, it doesn't do any good if they can't make money to pay down loans and insurance costs.  The ACA does more to interfere in the relationship between patient and doctor and drives up costs while consequently lessening wages. That's not a good combination in any profession, much less the medical profession.

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