Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Unelectable Me...

I have been told on occasion that I should run for office. This will never happen.

I am unelectable in American society.  Why?

My stance on abortion.  This renders me unelectable in and of itself.  This can change, of course, but in America in 2012, I would be considered incapable of holding office.

Consider the two parties...

The Democratic Party is the party for whom abortion is a modern-day sacrament.  There is no more pro-life wing of the party anymore.  While the Republican Party is slightly better, they'd never have me as a candidate because I'm an "extremist" on the subject because I do not hold to the so-called "exceptions" that seem to make their way into the platform - for reasons I detail here.

This is ok - I never wanted office anyway and I can live with that.  It is sad, though, that we have come to a point where being supportive of the so-called "exceptions" is considered "reasonable" and "responsible" and likewise not supporting them is "extreme".

Unfortunately, supporting the so-called "exceptions" complete abdicates and cedes the moral argument of the whole topic - determining legality and deeming as unworthy certain classes of the unborn just because of the circumstances of their conception completely opens the door to endangering the rest of the unborn.  Who is to say that a certain class is worthy or not?  

This is truly an either/or issue.  There is no way around it.  You are for it, or you are against it. No cover of "pro-choice", no "personally opposed" nonsense.  You say you are for the innocent.  Then support the most innocent of them all.  Give them a chance.  It's not too late.

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