Thursday, October 18, 2012

Playing With Fire...

In the latest diversionary tactic, liberal supporters of President Obama have seized upon a single phrase (out of context, naturally) of Mitt Romney from the last debate - "binder full of women" - which in context, had to do with finding qualified women to work in the Massachusetts state government.  But anyway, some have taken to associating that phrase with Mormonism's past history of allowing for polygyny (multiple wives):

This is a dangerous game for them to play.

It is not an accident that the Obama campaign has largely avoided (save for a few oblique references by David Axelrod on the morning talk shows) talking about Mitt Romney's religion. Such a thing opens the door to reminding people that President Obama sat in the pews for twenty years in front of, was married by, and had his daughters baptized by an anti-American, hate-filled, racist preacher.  You know...this guy:

The last thing a faltering campaign needs is another wound that would be largely self-inflicted because its surrogates and fans couldn't help themselves.  However, just for the sake of refreshing memory, here are some of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright's samples:

Want to dredge that up again?  Go for it.  Keep mocking Mormonism.  Just remember, if you spit into the wind, you will get wet.  Don't say you weren't warned.

*UPDATE* - something I just thought of is that this will also dredge up the old "he's a Muslim" canard.  I said nearly two years ago that I don't buy that, but it would be another anchor around the neck of the campaign that it can ill afford to have at this point.

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