Saturday, October 6, 2012

On Cutting Funding For PBS...

Be nice if he actually worked!
I am with Mitt Romney 100% here.

Stop using my tax dollars to pay for PBS.  Make it fend for itself.  If the merchandising market is any indication, shows like Sesame Street will be just fine.

Subsidy is part of why our society is bankrupt.

When you have a president who eliminates work requirements for welfare and food stamps, and allows able-bodied people under 50 to get onto disability, is it really any wonder as to why we are running trillion-dollar deficits?  President Obama needs and craves the dependent cradle-to-grave, womb-to-the-tomb society (unless you are an unborn child, then you might be considered a punishment).  Governor Romney wasn't totally correct with his "47% remark", but in reality, he wasn't that far off either.

People who object by saying that "it's just a drop in the bucket compared to (fill in the blank program)" need to remember the following things...

1) We have to start somewhere getting our financial house in order.

2) We need to have a frank discussion about the role of the state when it comes to entertainment and art - yes, some PBS programs are "educational", but much of what is on PBS is entertainment.  None of it should be subsidized.  If the people want it, they will pay for it. The default position seems to be best embodied by Sir Humphrey...

"...subsidy is for what the people don't want but ought to have!"

Condescension at its finest - unfortunately, when people (even those with good intentions) step up to defend the subsidies of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Arts and National Public Radio, this is in essence what they are arguing - that we simpletons just don't know what's good for us and we need to told what's best for us by our cultural and political masters.

Pass.  Cut the funding - and we'll see how popular Sesame Street and rest truly are.

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