Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Insanity Of The State Of Maryland...

More of  that which Annapolis
wishes to place on us.
The Maryland state legislature has been in a 'special session' for a couple of days and is set to increase taxes on so-called 'high earners', but there was one thing missing from all the talk about the need to close the budget gap of close to half a billion dollars.

Spending cuts.

Apparently, the drug of giving away goodies to state employees has had its effect.  Governor O'Malley is hell-bent on giving a two percent pay increase to all state employees.  Keep in mind, of course, that the state (any state or even a little governmental jurisdiction) does not actually produce anything.  In other words, it is the ultimate charity case.  Forced 'charity', of course. At gunpoint. 

We have long been told by our political masters that we need to 'live within our means'.  Those words mean little to nothing to the fools who voted for these increases in Annapolis. Apparently, they forgot that being sent to the state house makes them servants of the citizens. Instead, we the taxpayers are the servants.  The buck is being passed to us by those who are by nature, takers, rather than producers.  And several people who live here are okay with that, conveniently neglecting the tenth commandment at every turn.

I salute you, Maryland legislature!  You are going to accomplish more than any gang, criminal, or crime spree could ever hope to! More people will move to Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  We are going to become the east coast version of California - one party rule on a sinking ship that seeks to blame everything and everyone else for its problems.  And yet, there are actually remarkably simple solutions to the problem...

Cut spending. And spending cuts. And reduction of spending.  Those are the top three solutions I can think of.

Eliminate several administrative positions in our University system.  Make professors earn their money by, you know, teaching, instead of getting tenured research positions that require just one class and several research junkets.  Cut back on the staffing in the bureaucracy that is starting to make Annapolis look like Whitehall.  Legislators should only get stipends rather than salaries.  Get the unions out of state employment and switch all pensions for those under 55 to 401k/403b plans.  Simple, isn't it?

Or does it make too much sense?

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