Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In Soviet NFL...

Good Day, Comrade!
...joke laugh at you!

And so the latest installment of the Politburo known as the NFL has denied the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys their appeal over being stripped of a combined $46 million in salary cap space ($36 million for Washington and $10 million for Dallas) due to their..."violation"...of the..."rules"...regarding the salary cap-free 2010 season.

An Emperor Goodell stooge "independent arbitator" just flushed the whole thing out of hand? Why? Apparently because the NFLPA and the league agreed on the penalty.  I suppose that if I agree to rob a bank, and the police agree with me to go along with it and gag any potential witnesses, that makes it all better, right?  No jury could possibly find me guilty.

In the Soviet NFL, where the dog walk you...absolutely! 

ESPN's NFC East blogger, Dan Graziano thinks 'this is for the best'.  What a wimp:
It's all just plain ridiculous, the whole thing, and it's probably for the best that it all goes away. Everybody associated with it should be ashamed of themselves (though, sadly, no one seems to be). And while it's unfair that only the Cowboys and Redskins suffer for the arrogance of a group of people who continue to play its paying customers for willing patsies, the truly sad part is that anyone in this situation gets to walk away feeling as though he was in the right.
The whole piece is one gigantic exercise in moral equivocation and hand-wringing. Yeaaaaah, it was bad...but hey, oh look! SHINY OBJECT!  Nothing to see here folks!!

It makes me want to retch.  Snyder and Jones should be suing the daylights out of the NFL, and collusion ought to be investigated by the proper authorities*. How sad is it that nearly twenty-five years ago, the baseball players took the owners to court over collusion and won; NFL players now sign off on it because of the chance they might make $65,000 less dollars in a year.  Have some self-respect!

*Mr. President, if you could put down the rhetoric of envy over how legitimate businesses make their money for just one second, you might actually find real shady business dealings in the NFL.  Oh right, too many NFL players and owners are donors and ambassadors. Never mind.  Oh look! Shiny object!

I gave the NFL twenty years before it turns into something unrecognizable.  Who knows - with King Roger at the helm, it may just collapse on itself as a business model before anything on the field gets to it.  That's a shame.  I like professional football.

I just hate the NFL.

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