Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guilty Pleasures...

Everyone has them – the things that you do that perhaps shouldn't be done, or more often, shouldn't be done nearly as much. Here’s a partial list of my guilty pleasures…

Reading Deadspin’s Funbag and Drunken Hookup Failure features. Basically, anything by Drew Magary at that site is worth reading. On Thursdays during football season, he has his previews for the slate of games called the “Jamboroo”.

Playing MLB: The Show on the Playstation. I am playing a career with Dustin as my character (I hate creating myself) – and he even wears #13, but is a pitcher (which is against the 'Unwritten Rules of Baseball" - unless you are Zack Greinke). At present, I am in the year 2021 with close to 230 career wins and 2,800 strikeouts, several Cy Young Awards and is a 99 in every attribute. The career has my character with the Phillies – although before you throw up your hands and say “but of course he is”, know that I pitched him with the Mets for three years and won two World Series with them. Yes, true, it made me die inside a little bit, but I believe that professional athletes give up their fandom once they are on ‘the inside’ of the sport. While this obviously is far from that state, it does gives a little bit of insight to that mentality.

Watching and reading Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister. How can I read it, you ask? Tony Jay and Jonathan Lynn actually put together a novelized (or novelised, for any British readers) form of the two shows in the form of Jim Hacker’s diaries. In some ways, they are actually deeper than merely watching the shows, but it’s always best to watch before reading. It is a delightful program, er, programme and is probably one of the most intelligent shows ever made. It really had no choice in order to survive, since dialogue, wit, and acting had to dominate, given the setting (British bureaucracy and government offices). It won’t be for everyone, but I say give it a whirl sometime.

Yes - I own both of these (books and DVD)! And damn proud of them.

Bill Simmons’ columns. Usually on Fridays, Simmons will have a column of some sort up on ESPN (or now, Grantland) and if there was ever a guy for whom the written word was gold and the spoken word was fecal matter, it’s Simmons. Please get off my TV, Bill. I hate the sound of your voice, and you do so much better putting thoughts into words on my screen or paper. There aren’t a whole lot of better writers from a fan’s perspective, and that’s when he is on top of his game.

Cigars and Yuengling. Having a fine cigar after dinner or on a cool evening is damn near paradise. I know, I know, I am going to kill myself if I smoke them. Guess what – we all have absolute metaphysical certain that we will die. Combine that with America’s oldest brewery, Yuengling, and that is at the very least the equal of a fine hot fudge sundae.

Watching baseball – lots of it. I’m a junkie, and I’ll pretty much watch any baseball game on TV, regardless of who the teams are. Baseball is a beautiful sport – and it’s God’s sport too, because it needs the most intelligence of any out there in order to function. People who say the game is merely ‘see ball, hit ball’ have never actually played the game or watched one in its entirety.

There are others, but these are the big ones.  Yep, I know, I am incredibly dull in this regard. Sports, British sitcoms, laughing about people's stupid questions and failures, and unhealthy items if they are habitual.  What do you got?  Let's have them!

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