Thursday, May 3, 2012

For All Your Creepy Cradle-To-Grave Statist Needs... here and meet "Julia".

Feminism used to be about women's independence and being able to make it in the world without help.  This is obviously not the case any more, whether it's whining about wanting to get tax-funded abortions, contraception, or free lunches.  

One of the interesting things pointed out by many is that "Julia" does not seem to have any men in her life - the kid she has just sort of pops up.  But that's wrong, she does have a man - THE "Man".

Feminism is dead.  Just another victim group looking for a handout from the Sugar Daddy known as Uncle Sam.

*UPDATE* The missus just said that under Obama, "Julia" would be dead, and more accurately, would never have made it to birth to begin with.  

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