Friday, April 27, 2012

We Can Now Get On With Our Lives...

Pay Attention To Us

Seriously, why do we put so much stock into a night in which overgrown freaks of nature in tailored suits walk across a stage to put on baseball hats (ugly ones at that) and hug a creepy dictator?  

Welcome to the NFL hype machine - the best friend of someone with ADD.

I have long been of the belief that football (the NFL especially) is the haven for people who don't want to make commitment, and part of the reason the NFL is so wildly popular is that it reflects the larger societal trend of less commitment - to whatever it may be.  Baseball (and basketball and hockey, for that matter) requires a long term commitment and one that happens each day, rather than just for three hours a week for sixteen weeks.  Football is a mere acquaintance that you happen to see once in a while in passing; baseball is family.  

The NFL Draft is an opiate; distracting people from the serious issues facing the league: bounties, bugging, concussions, suicides, and in general, an overreaching commissioner taking power for himself that makes most world leaders green with envy.

So congratulations to all the players selected and I hope the fans are happy.  But as we know, nothing is guaranteed.  Don't start counting rings, or even wins, just yet.  

And now, we can get back to important things...

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