Thursday, April 26, 2012

Apparently She Missed The Memo...

Even these need food!

Seriously, what kind of dumbass-tastic idea is that?  Living on sunlight alone?  Eschewing food and water is something that causes even the plants who do live by photosynthesis to die.  I should try to be sympathetic, but I just can't find it within myself - mostly because this was an active conscious choice made and the fact that she was influenced by some documentary makes it all the more mind-boggling.  

I also find it amazing that this kind of warmed-over paganism is appealing to people, which gives lie to the fact that a post-Christian culture is not going to be some robust system of pure reason and science, but rather a return to the backward days of creature and earth-worship.  

And people think Christianity is oppressive and backward?

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