Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super Tuesday...YAWN!

I am a politics junkie, and while this year's Republican presidential race has been the best political theater of my lifetime, I can't say that I paid that much attention to last night's "Super Tuesday" set of primaries.  Ten states held primaries or caucuses, and from what I can gather, Mitt Romney won six, Rick Santorum won three, and Newt Gingrich won one.  How this affects the delegate count - I haven't the faintest idea, since I have not studied how the various states proportion their delegates.

It seems to me that the Republicans have trotted out their B team of candidates this year, and if people like George Will are to be believed, that was not an accident.  President Obama isn't invincible, and if there is a candidate who is actually willing to expose him for what he is, then the President will be denied a second term.  However, if the Republican nominee pussyfoots around Obama like John McCain did four years ago - say hello to an America that is much worse off in four years.

I will have more to say as the process for the Republican nomination gets wrapped up one way or another.  The general election campaign should be interesting, although for reasons other than most people think.

Until then, back to sleep...Wake me up when we get to August, or one of the candidates reaches 1,144 delegates.

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