Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Observations - 3/4/12

It's nice that I feel quasi-normal today - for the first time in a week.  So let's go right to it...

- This whole blowup over the Sandra Fluke testimony before Congress is exactly that: overblown.  It goes to show that when people would rather concentrate on Rush Limbaugh calling her a slut than on the substance of what she said, it is a tacit acknowledgement of a losing hand.  Between her lying about her age (said she was 23, but is really 30), her intentions (she was outed as an activist/agitator with the sole purpose of getting Georgetown to allow unfettered access to contraception), and her exaggeration of the costs ($1,000 per year?  Was she looking for a designer NuvaRing?) there is plenty to jump on.  And that doesn't even include that she admitted that up to 40% of G'Town law students (including herself, I presume), for all intents and purposes, slutted it up (what else are you going to call it? -- my late grandmother would have called her a 'hussy' or a 'loose woman').  

- President Obama called Fluke to 'express support' and told her that her parents would be proud.  Right, because I am sure he would be proud if one of his daughters went before a Congressional committee and testified that she needs subsidized contraception because she needs to have sex three or four times a day with random partners.  

- Major League Baseball has added a fifth playoff team to each league for this upcoming season.  I see this as being a calculated move on the part of the people in charge to get more teams thinking they have a shot.  In other words, they are trying to mimic the NFL - and that is ultimately a mistake.  MLB and the NFL have nothing really in common except that they are professional sports leagues and share a lot of cities.  Otherwise, the business models are different and the means by which they settle who is the best are very different.  While the new playoff model does reward division winners, I do not care for the dilution of the product.  But let's see how it does this season.  It might even give Nats fans hope...until August.

- The whole bounty thing in the NFL is disturbing, but not surprising.  The Saints will get clobbered (maybe).  Gregg Williams will get clobbered, and Gregg Easterbrook will write one thousand sanctimonious columns about it.  Thus concludes this violation of my offseason-imposed moratorium on talking all things NFL.

- Super Tuesday is coming up for the Republican primary season.  If you have noticed, I haven't said much at all concerning that race.  Mostly because a) I am an independent voter and b) I am of the belief that the GOP isn't the savior of the country, but will only more 'efficiently' manage the decline of America.  President Obama is throwing the country off a cliff, and the GOP will just let it softly roll on down the hill.  Once we get closer to election day in November, I'll probably have more to say on specific people.  Otherwise, I will continue to talk about the issues that pop up.

- I will be doing some Phillies previewing over the next couple of weeks.  The hard and fast stuff will begin around March 30th, when I do predictions and the like.  

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