Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Observations - 3/11/12

It is "Spring Forward" weekend, in which many of us complain (myself included) about losing an hour's sleep into Sunday.  Let's move to the quick hits...

- We often attend an 8 AM Mass on Sundays, for the the following reasons: 1) It is early enough and thus doesn't interfere with the day the way a noon Mass might.  2) There is no music - maybe one day I will go through my distaste with a lot of contemporary liturgical music and more importantly, how it is presented, but to that end for now, I leave you with The Anchoress' thoughts on music-less worship.  Anyway, what I was going to say was how amusing it was to see a bunch of cars pull in when we were leaving the church after Mass was finished around 8:50 or so.  Even in this digital age of automated clock changes, people are still behind.  Guess they were going to have to wait around for the 10 AM Mass.

- Mark Steyn (as always) crushed another ball out of the park, this time regarding the (now obvious) manufactured 'testimony' (since it was staged) of one Sandra Fluke.  The money line...
[T]he most basic issue here is not religious morality, individual liberty, or fiscal responsibility. It’s that a society in which middle-aged children of privilege testify before the most powerful figures in the land to demand state-enforced funding for their sex lives at a time when their government owes more money than anyone has ever owed in the history of the planet is quite simply nuts.
Nuts indeed.  Steyn is an International Treasure (can't be national, since he is British-Canadian-American).  As they say, read the whole thing.

- It is Selection Sunday for the NCAA Basketball Tournament, which means the second largest gambling operation of the year (behind the Super Bowl) will be underway as of 7 PM tonight.  I enjoy the early rounds of the tourney, but tune out once we hit the Elite Eight.  I just don't care enough about college basketball to follow it to the conclusion.  In fact, this weekend is more exciting - I like conference tourneys better.  They have more bad blood in them and the upsets are much more emotionally driven.  Case in point, the University of Maryland won a national title in 2002, but the upset of Duke in the 2004 ACC tourney was much sweeter to Maryland fans.  Knocking off your rival is always more satisfying, at any level.

- How the hell did this dork Lunardi become an acclaimed expert in a completely made up 'science' known as 'Bracketology'?  I remember when he appeared out of nowhere a few years ago. It is more an art, since no one can be exact on who makes it in.  Being around Selection Sunday, he has been on Sportscenter every single day.  I can't wait for this stuff to end so he can go back to his hole.  And then out of the hole will come Kiper and McShay, since the NFL Draft stuff will heat up.  

- On to something more personal, as many of you know, we have been trying to adopt - you can read our story here - and we are stuck in park right now because the organization that does the home-study process will not let us move forward until we have twenty-thousand dollars sitting in the bank.  My parents have decided that they would host a benefit dinner for us in the next month.  I am asking that, if you are reading this and are local, to attend if it is possible.  There is a flyer with all the information regarding time, location, menu, and cost.  Please spread the word and share the information.  In addition to a wonder buffet-style meal prepared by my mother, there will be opportunities to win prizes via raffles and cash via 50/50.  It will be a wonderful time, and I am incredibly grateful to my parents for doing this.  

If you want to keep up with us in this regard, follow us on Facebook and read our blog - To Grow Our Family (the picture on the right side of this blog toward the top has a link).  I will also answer any questions privately via email if you want information about this.  Thank you all so much.

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