Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On Medicinal Marijuana...

This picture has been making its way around Facebook and other social media, thanks to George Takei (whom I am convinced is going to completely destroy Facebook eventually through his inane and supposedly "witty" takes on society and trends, but I digress...):

The ones who support the sentiment behind the picture betray their feelings on the issue of marijuana; it just goes to show that they aren't really interested in the use of the chemistry behind marijuana to help actual sick people and cancer patients, but rather they need a distraction behind which they can hide in order to disguise what they really want.  It's an intellectually dishonest position to take.  The honest position to take would be something along the lines of:
I want to be able to get stoned to the bejeezus without fear of reprisal from the authorities.
I would actually respect (although I don't support) such a position, but those who actually have the cojones to espouse it are few and far between.  Medical marijuana is a convenient excuse and the development of a drug that has the same painkilling effects as weed without the high and the impairment throws a wrench into such an excuse; the emperor has no clothes, in other words.  

Also, the class warfare angle of this picture is a bit batty.  Guess what? Those eeeeeevil multinational drug companies and Wall Street investors put up the money for the research and the development, plus all the red tape fees to get FDA approval, plus advertising, marketing, testing, and the like.  It's called progress - something of which the supporters of legalizing marijuana are allegedly in favor, unless of course the progress comes from the wrong source.  I guess they would just prefer that multinational drug companies and Wall Street investors just sit on their money and not develop any new cures or medicines to help people.  

Remember, ideas have consequences.  The so-called "forward-thinking progressive" types are frequently the most backward people out there.  "Progress" only counts and is Kosher if it comes from a ritually pure source.   In this view, a single guy growing hemp in his back yard and rolling his own joints is better than a company developing a drug that will help many people deal with the pain of a debilitating and/or terminal disease.

Why?  I don't have the faintest idea either.

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