Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Manning, Tebow, and Legalese...

I don't normally talk about football during the offseason (last year's moratorium was a little different), save for big free-agent moves. Peyton Manning going to Denver definitely qualifies, though, as a big free-agent move

The question is, what is next for the one and only Tim Tebow?  The conventional wisdom is that he won't stay in Denver because John Elway doesn't want him (and never did), and thus will be traded to a Florida team in the AFC (Jacksonville or Miami).

So after discussing these things with Dustin, allow me to present an alternative - Tebow to the Eagles.


Michael Vick is the starter in Philadelphia, but Tebow has value beyond just being a quarterback, and he has stated that he would contribute to a team in any way possible. Consider that what makes Andy Reid a savant is his ability to turn quarterbacking into a skill - even Koy Detmer had one game of success (in addition to being the greatest holder of all time)!  AJ Feeley, Kevin Kolb, Vick, and Donovan McNabb (and throw in Brett Favre prior to his insufferable jerk period) are all part of the legacy of Andy developing quarterbacks.  Why not Tebow?

I salivate at the idea of having Vick in a shotgun spread formation with LeSean McCoy on one side and Tebow on the other with DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin lined up at receiver.  So help me God, make this happen.  All the short yardage issues go away, especially if you don't know which guy will take the snap.

Make it happen, Andy (and Joe and Jeff).

The 'legalese' part of this post has to do with the ugly penalty the NFL has foisted upon Dallas and Washington.  I want the Redskins and Cowboys to sue the pants off the NFL.  Why?  I have three reasons:

1) For entertainment's sake.  Living around Washington, this would make for hours and days of great radio on ESPN 980.  Kevin Sheehan would explode, and Andy and Czabe would get to have all sorts of great guests talking about the issue.

2) I want the NFL to suffer.  This has been something for which I have been rooting for some time:
I'll be honest, I had hoped for a long and drawn-out labor dispute between the players and owners. In fact, I didn't even care if the whole season had been nuked. As I have said to many people, the NFL season is filler between baseball seasons. Yes, I am an Eagles die-hard, but God knows I loathe the NFL as an organization and have long tired of the proverbial and metaphorical fellatio performed on the league by both the media and fans who act like crack-addicts (which is distinct from BWS, by the way).
I wrote that last April, and that opinion still stands - although there is no lockout now, but if the Redskins sue and win, we could be back to where it was a year ago, with an overturned CBA and the NFL opened up to collusion charges that cost them in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  Yes, the NFLPA "signed off" on the salary cap penalties, but it was never put to a vote, so some players could also make life miserable for the NFLPA leadership, in addition to the NFL itself.

3) Roger Goodell needs to be stopped.  He has accumulated way too much authority in the office of commissioner.  Unfortunately, no one has had the cojones to stop him - not the owners, and not the players.  In his relatively brief tenure (compared to his two predecessors - Tagliabue and Rozelle), he has centralized power in some ways that make some modern day tyrants green with envy.  I am actually on the side of the 'Skins and 'Boys here - they made moves that were perfectly legal under the rules of the salary cap-free 2010 season, and now Commissioner Emperor Goodell has made an ex-post facto rule saying that it isn't.  If he wants to conjure rules out of thin air that's his prerogative, but he should be held accountable for them.

My fear is that Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones will be bought off somehow to drop the suit, and everything will stand in some fashion, or that there will be some kind of 'payback' in on-field issues.  If that happens, the NFL will lose its credibility even faster than it is currently, but at the same time, no one will ever be able to complain again about Commissioner Dictator Goodell usurping his authority and unilaterally imposing penalties.  They had their chance to stop him, and they will have blown it.  

Lie in the bed now, thou hast built it, is what I will say at that time.

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