Tuesday, March 13, 2012

But...But...It's For the CHILDREN!

Several people have said that as soon as society forgets and ignores the big laws, they will get a host of little ones.

I first heard about this from my mother on Saturday, but listening to WMAL on the way into school this morning added to my knowledge of the issue.  Brian Wilson, one of the hosts of the morning show (Mornings On The Mall*), despite his alleged conservative and libertarian leanings is apparently in favor of this bill.  Bryan Nehman, the other host, who is much more moderate normally, took the hard line against the bill.  

Throw me in with Nehman there.

The issues with this are numerous, but let me share the biggest ones I have....

a) Private property - are we free or are we not?  This seems to be a repeated theme these days, but it's a serious question.  

b) The slippery slope - today it's a car, so (as Nehman pointed out) will it eventually be against the law to smoke in your home if there is a kid around?  How about within fifty feet? And what about other aspects of a child's health?  Will they ban fast food?  Coke?  Of course, the busybody do-gooders want to make all people wards of the State, so all of these things are coming down the pipeline eventually.  

c) Legality of smoking - last I checked, we are not Puritans.  For all the talk about "organized religion" allegedly not allowing people to do anything, they don't have the muscle or the guns to enforce that, but the State does.  So I ask, who exactly is it that is actually in the business of not allowing people to do anything? They could just ban anything to save us from ourselves, but that's not the role of the government - it's the role of a tyranny.

And that's the crux of the issue - what is the proper role of the State?  I would be less inclined to oppose this if the State understood what its role ought to be in the lives of people, but it doesn't.  It makes itself a larger behemoth each and every day.  They say it's about health and about 'the children' (Cue Mrs. Lovejoy), but it's about exercising more control over our day-to-day existence.

For those of you who applaud this because you either don't like smoking or think it is unhealthy - don't think the State is going to stop there.  Anything (vice or otherwise) that is deemed 'unhealthy' by our political masters will be the next to go, so if you like having an adult beverage, or gambling, or the like, you have been warned.  Don't believe that feeding the alligator will spare you - it will just cause you to be the last one to be eaten.

*I swear to God, WMAL has an identity problem.  This whole "Washington's Mall" thing is annoying as hell.  For a couple of months, they advertised being on the FM dial, but then it's as if someone said 'Oh my God!  We have to remind people that we are STILL on AM too!' and as such, they spend more time having to say 'You are on 105.9 FM and AM 630 WMAL'. Radio stations are annoying as hell in this regard...we KNOW what station we are listening to.  Do you not have enough to say that you need to take up 2-3 minutes combined every hour just repeating the station's identity?  Ok, rant aside over.

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