Sunday, February 12, 2012

Projection Writ Large...

Making its way around Facebook has been a picture of a young person six different times with captions in the style of a LOLCats poster to demonstrate the hypocritical nature of a lot of the young people who make up the 'Occupy (fill in the blank)' movement.  This is the one...

What's interesting, first of all, is that the middle two are actually opposite sides of the same coin.  The typical attitude of 'free speech for me but not for thee' is actually bound up with the notion of 'diversity', as it tends to be understood by that ilk - a diversity of look, but not a diversity of opinion.  The expectation is for all people to fall into lockstep with the subject - whether they are white, black, Asian, and so forth.  Zombies, though, are still zombies no matter their appearance if they all mumble the same incoherent slogans and chants that all seem to begin with 'hey hey ho ho...'.  Is there anything more lame than recycling the same cliches from forty-five years ago?  And one more thing on the diversity front - I have noticed that most of the 'Occupiers' have all been young, white, semi-educated hipster types. Diversity for thee, but not for me?  Et tu, Occupiers?

The whole mentality of 'corporations are evil' is never about corporations, per se, but about supporting the right kind of corporations.  Just one look at Stuff White People Like (item #82 - and for what it's worth, I am the 'wrong kind of white person', according to the standards at that hilarious site) ought to disabuse anyone of the notion that they think corporations are evil.  In a lot of ways, it mirrors the brouhaha over Mitt Romney's charitable donations to the Mormon Church.  

People were getting the vapors over this particular fact, but just a refresher for the unchurched: people who are devotees of a religion tend to give to their religious organization (I know, it's a shock, right?).  The problem was not that Romney gave to charity, but it was to the wrong charity.  If he had donated ten percent of his income to say, Planned Parenthood or Media Matters For America, I'm sure the Occupiers would have been juuuuust fine with that.

Private liberal arts colleges are dependent upon charitable giving that comes in large chunks from the eeeeevil 'one percent', who, by the way, are pretty diverse in their makeup as well. The meme going around is that the 'one percent' is made up of rich white men who all support the Republican Party.  Going by that standard, I guess Barack Obama is just a mole that was put in place to undermine the Democrats.  

I learn something new every day!

But the point of the picture there is "don't you dare touch or talk smack about my one percenters!"  No one became a millionaire, and more importantly, stayed a millionaire by making stupid decisions.  And the large endowments they provide enable private liberal arts colleges to continue.  There was a time when noblesse oblige was considered a good thing, but now it seems to be crapped upon whenever possible.  Be careful what you wish for.

And finally, the irreligiosity of the Occupiers is really just an excuse to harp on the supposed sins of Christianity, and no other.  I know it's fashionable to be anti-Christian and such, but all such sentiments demonstrate over and over again is that our educational system has failed society in teaching them anything about history - about the debt our society owes to Christianity (and by extension, Judaism too).  Things such as the dignity of the individual who has certain inalienable rights from God, the notion of laws rather than men governing, and even the very model of higher education in which these people are partaking.  

Instead, everything about these complaints are an exercise in projection - it's the enemies (real and imagined) of the Occupiers who are greedy, corrupt, monolithic, envious, and thieving.  If they had any semblance of self-awareness, they would look deeper.  But I am not holding my breath.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks, even as young a crowd as the Occupiers.

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