Friday, February 10, 2012

Not Good Enough...

It is coming forth that perhaps the Obama Administration is looking for some kind of 'compromise' on the  basis of the firestorm that has been ignited over their wanton and tyrannical disregard for the First Amendment.  

Since when did freedom of religion become a point of negotiation in a compromise situation?

Resist.  Nothing less than full surrender on the part of the Administration with regard to their mandates is acceptable.

UPDATE - The Hill reports that the Hawaiian-type law will be used as the basis of the 'compromise' (the Administration refers to it as an 'accommodation').  That's no compromise at all.   It still requires the referral and subsidization of morally objectionable items.  In other words.  Not. Good. Enough.

UPDATE II - Planned Parenthood has given its approval to the, ahem, 'compromise'.  This tells me all I need to know (via The Corner).

UPDATE III - Talk about putting lipstick on the pig, as the compromise 'accommodation' details filter out:
“If a woman works for religious employers with objections to providing contraceptive services as part of its health plan, the religious employer will not be required to provide contraception coverage but her insurance company will be required to offer contraceptive care free of charge.”
Really...the absurdity (and the arrogance) is something to behold.  Congressman Chris Smith asks the question, 'Who pays for the insurance policy?'  Exactly.  So no matter what, religious organizations are going to have to cover the costs of things they consider morally objectionable.  Unbelievable.  No wonder Planned Parenthood was all for this 'accommodation'.  

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