Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Than Just Contraception...

I have been thinking a bit more about the whole fiasco that the Obama Administration has been trying to foist on religious institutions and organizations regarding contraception and its payment. I have come to the conclusion that keeping the issue solely about the product and who pays for it is a pretty narrow point of view. Naturally, I do not support such a thing, although it could be seen coming from a mile away. This is why I did not ever support the passage of the 'Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act' in any form.

No, this issue is about first principles of who we are. I believe this issue is a dividing line between those who believe that people (read: women) have an unfettered right to contraceptives, with that right trumping those who believe in freedom of religion and conscience. The Obama Administration and its sycophants clearly believe that the former supersedes the latter. Oh, they’ll talk about ‘freedom of worship’ and all that, but let’s be perfectly clear (to borrow a cliché from President Obama), ‘freedom of worship’ is not the same as ‘freedom of religion’. The former is but one narrow part of the latter.

In other words, they believe (in theory) that on Sundays (or Saturdays or Fridays, depending on the religion), people should be able to go to their houses of worship and pray, but then apply a Las Vegas standard to it. Any kind of public demonstration would be prohibited, and any kind of criticism of the government from the pulpit would render that preacher persona non grata.

Of course, for Protestants, some of this is taken for granted, because the privatization of religion is precisely their heritage, going back to Martin Luther. For Catholics, however, religion is not meant to be taken out merely once a week like a dress and worn, only to be shoved back into the closet after the 60-90 minutes of worship. Living one’s faith should be part of the package, but unfortunately, too many Catholics (and people of all faiths) have become, for a lack of a better term, “Protestantized”.

I have been reading the unfortunate argument that because “98% of Catholic women contracept” (a questionable statistic if I ever saw one), it should be ok for a government to force people to directly fund something they consider morally repugnant. This is about as farcical of a non-sequitur as can be. “Everybody does it” is just a way to try and shut down the conversation over the fact that we have an administration that is set on tyranny against the population it governs.

This is not about the Pill or access to Plan B – this is ultimately about who we are as a people. Are we a free people who can practice our faith and live without being made to violate basic principles of faith and life or are we not? It is that simple. If you support this particular plan of the Obama Administration, know that you are supporting tyranny. There is no other way to put it. We can either continue to be a free people who can live in peace, or we can be a people who are held down by our political masters.  It will only get worse if we let this pass. If this continues as it is, what ultimately can they not force us to do?

Think about that.  This is beyond tribal and party affiliation.  This is about us.

Stop the madness. Stop the tyranny.

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