Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some Observations...

It's been quite some time since I have broken out the quick-hit Sunday Observation feature here on Lattanzi Land.  It usually replaced the football picks during the offseason, but we didn't do that much.  Anyway, here we go...

- A mini war broke out on my Facebook page over the last post.  What's interesting about it is how fast it moved to talking about the whole healthcare bill at large, rather than the fairly narrow point espoused in the original post.  Now, I think this is a good thing - because for all the talk about how much the bill (The 'Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act') was going to improve the health care system and lower costs, it will do neither.  Why is this?  Because when you increase the demand (by allegedly 30 million people) while keeping the supply the same, costs will necessarily have to rise, so the only way to keep costs down is to ration what people can and cannot get.  That day is coming, mark my words.

- I find it a bit odd to see people who support a statist agenda and the 'Occupy (fill in the blank)' movement.  It's quite the show of cognitive dissonance, at least on the surface, until you realize that while the Occupiers complain about the bailing out of banks by the government, their solution to everything is more government.  In other words - pick a consistent position.  Either you are for the statist agenda, or you are not.  You can't have it both ways.  You want more government?  Then bailing out big businesses is going to be part of the deal.  Such is the way of corporatism.

- It has been reported recently that former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno is near death.  He has very advanced lung cancer and is just old, so the body isn't quite as willing to respond as it would have even ten years ago.  While a very sad story and he will be mourned when he does finally die, let's not somehow try to say that his being fired from Penn St. accelerated his demise.  Cancer doesn't care what one's occupation is.  He would be going through this kind of thing whether Jerry Sandusky's shenanigans had happened or not.

- Certain media were reporting Paterno's death, only to be called out on it by Paterno's family, who had to take to Twitter to refute the reports (10:22 AM - Paterno has indeed died, according to Sportscenter and the AP).  I guess accuracy has been tossed aside in favor of 'being first'.  Unfortunately, this is the trade off that has been made.  The proverbial genie is not being put back into the bottle, for good or ill.

- It snowed Friday night, but was only really a dusting here east of DC.  The kicker came with the half inch of ice that fell on top of the snow.  Looking outside early yesterday morning, the field out behind my home looked like a hockey rink - shiny and slippery as hell.  

- Newt Gingrich winning the South Carolina primary is not a surprise; that he won handily (40.4% to 27.8% for Mitt Romney) is a surprise.  Following reaction on Twitter (shocker - most of the people I follow are media types), many of the Romney supporters were getting downright nasty and beside themselves.  Sorry, people, a vote for Gingrich in the third primary of the season is NOT a vote for Obama.  The Romneyites are so invested in the 'inevitability' narrative that they don't know what to do now, since Gingrich won South Carolina, and Rick Santorum is now the declared winner of Iowa.  In other words, nothing is inevitable, and things are now a lot more interesting in the Republican race for the nomination.

- It's Championship Sunday in the NFL.  The first game is Baltimore versus New England, and I hope the Patriots drop fifty on the Ravens.  It won't happen because of the Baltimore D, but I can hope, right?  I pick the Flying Elvii (to channel TMQ) to win 34-17.  The Nevermores will not recover from this, and Joe Flacco will be the scapegoat.  In the other game, the 49ers host the Giants in a battle of teams of destiny.  I hate the Giants (NFC East rivals), and thus cannot root for them in any circumstance.  Squared Sevens win a close game, probably something like 21-17.

- Annoying trend in sports fandom: people who don't know how to use the word 'versus'.  They say 'verse', as in "Today it's the Patriots verse the Ravens".  NOOOO!!  It's versus...verSUS!  A verse is a rhyme or a stanza in a song; versus denotes opposition.  That is all.

- Today is the 39th anniversary of the abominable Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade.  Last year, I wrote a whole series of posts on this topic.  I will have something else up later (or tomorrow) about the subject.

Enjoy the day and get some football watching in!

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