Friday, January 6, 2012

Redux: Idiotic Announcer Terminology

Last winter, around this time for the start of the NFL Playoffs (PLAYOFFS!!???), I presented a series of stupid football announcer clichés and other little statements they love to say ad nauseum with the deranged notion that they are being a) clever, b) deep, or, God help us, c) cool.  They are, of course, none of the above.  

So in 'honor' of the start of the playoffs tomorrow, I felt it prudent to bring these back, especially since any and all sports fans will be exposed to national broadcasting crews who spew these ridiculous tropes nonstop.  The clichés and silly statements presented are mostly indicative of NFL announcers (I don't mention college ones, because a) I don't care, and b) I DON'T CARE!), but they can apply to football announcers at all levels and even the CFL (yes, I watch Canadian sue me).

Anyway, here are the five parts, broken down by terms.  Click on the links to get the full explanations as to why they drive me insane...Enjoy!

Part V - "Football" (As An Adjective And A Noun)

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