Monday, January 9, 2012

Hall of Fame Results...

First of all, congratulations to Barry Larkin for being elected to the Hall of Fame.  It is a great honor for him, and a very deserving one.  I was always convinced he was worthy, and so did 86% of the voters who submitted their ballots.  Unfortunately, the voters shirked their duties in many other ways....

1) Nine voters actually submitted blank ballots.  That's a good sign that they don't take their job seriously.  Craig Calcaterra over at HBT says the following about this phenomenon:
[T]hey strike me as evidence of a voter whose standards are unreasonably high and who is possessed of a basic failure of performance assessment and a general lack of understanding of baseball history. Whether you’re small-hall, big-hall, anti-PED or PED-apathetic, there has to be at least one candidate who appeals to you, right?

If, on the other hand, a blank ballot is a protest of some kind, such a thing strikes me as evidence that the voter in question is not worthy of his ballot.
2) Guys like Jeff Bagwell and Tim Raines are still well short of the required 75% - and with a glut of first-time candidates coming onto the ballot over the next 2-4 years, their hills are going to be even higher over that time.  Bagwell and Raines both got a higher percentage this year than last year, but both are more deserving than this.

3) Bill Mueller got a vote!  Swear to God.  It was Pedro Gomez too!

Thank God that Jack Morris didn't get in, although with close to 67% of the vote, he is having that kind of creeping last ballot momentum that propelled Bert Blyleven to Cooperstown.  The difference, of course, is that Blyleven deserved it; Morris does not.  And quite honestly, I am a bit flummoxed by the folks who keep arguing that there isn't an iota of difference between Barry Larkin and Alan Trammell.  Compare their numbers, please.  There is a world of difference, and I went over some of them here.  

I await the 2013 balloting process - it will be a mud fight of proportions never seen before.  Bring it on!

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