Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where Does It End?

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is pushing for a ban nationwide on all 'smartphones' (and other electronic devices) in a moving car, even those that are hands-free.

That's a bit too much.

The question I ask in the title is an apt one.  Why stop there?  Why not ban eating and consuming (soft) beverages, listening to radios, and even having passengers in the automobile.  Aren't all of those things distractions as well?

While the accidents (such as the one mentioned in the linked article) are tragic, they don't necessarily call for the draconian solutions being put forth by organizations such as NTSB. What is being done in the name of 'safety' is ultimately an attempt to control our behavior and steer us like the cattle our political masters believe us to be.

Will banning hands-free phone make the roads safer?  I doubt it.  But what it will do is turn masses of people who would rather just go through life anonymously into petty criminals. Unfortunately, I believe this to be the actual goal of a certain subset of those who are currently in power.

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