Monday, October 10, 2011

Projection, Thy Name Is Hugo Chavez

I seem to remember being told
something as a  kid about being
judged by the company you keep.
Just sayin'...
It's amazing that people will take anything that Venezuelan "President" Hugo Chávez says at face value - this time that the Occupy Wall Street "protests" are being "repressed".


If that is repression, then I wonder what real repression looks like.  Oh right, Venezuela itself is a good example of actual repression.  Ditto Chávez's favorite foreign country, Cuba.

Actually, the police are to be commended for not getting violent so far.  It has been some time and even though trash is piling up like a dump, people are copulating in open areas, a squad car has been defecated on, and the protesters are disrupting private making idiotic demands and have been using corporate symbols and products without the slightest hint of irony, and so on and so forth.  Oh where was I?

Ah yes, ahem, "repression".  Yes, that which Hugo Chávez is accusing people of doing to the protesters around Wall Street and other places.

Oh, and he called Mitt Romney a "crazy man", which may in fact be true, although I suspect Comrade Chávez and I would disagree on our respective reasons for believing so.

Anyway, I would call on Mr. Chávez to go back to his country, where he will continue to close down businesses, steal votes, and brutalize people who speak out against him.  That's repression. Projection, though, is so much easier, especially when you have a bunch of willing useful idiots who cheer him on.  I think the problem is not that they are repressed, but rather they are being exposed for what they are instead.

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