Sunday, October 30, 2011

NFL Picks - Week 8 Primetime Games

In the afternoon games, I finished 8-3 and Ryan finished 7-4.  Here is the docket for the next two nights.  Let's get to them.  And enjoy the games!  -- J.L.

Dallas at Philadelphia (Sunday, 8:20 PM)

Ryan's Take: It’s Dallas week in Philadelphia and I still don’t know what to think about either team. Both teams play great at times during games and all of a sudden look like crap in other parts of the game. I think that this game will come down to turnovers and I think Dallas will get more turnovers from Michael Vick and win a close game.

Josh's Take: This is the Battle of the Enigmas. However, with my bias, I must get this out of the way...DALLAS SUCKS! Ok, I feel better now. Returning to an objective stance, the Eagles are pretty good when the lights are shining upon them, and with the homefield advantage, I believe that Philadelphia will prevail in what may be considered in the future to be an 'instant classic'.

San Diego at Kansas City (Monday, 8:30 PM)

Ryan's Take: The Chargers are a baffling team. They have all the talent in the world, but don’t play up to it. The Chiefs seem to be a team that has to play low scoring games to even stay in them. I think San Diego and Norv Turner figure it out for at least one week and beat the Chiefs.

Josh's Take: At the beginning of the season, this was an incredibly easy game to pick; now, I am not so sure. This is a tale of two teams moving in opposite directions. The Chargers look like they are on the downside whereas the Chiefs seem to be figuring it out a little more. This being the NATIONAL. FOOTBALL. LEAGUE. NFL, though, talent still prevails, and I like San Diego stepping into Arrowhead and actually 'stealing' one from Kansas City, as hard as that would have been to say just two months ago.

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