Sunday, October 30, 2011

NFL Picks - Week 8 Daytime Games

Here are the Week 8 daytime games.  As I said last week, for the next couple of weeks, it will be just the picks for the day games; primetime games will get the full rationale and such.  Eagles draw a Sunday night game, so here's to hoping for a good slate of games all the way around.  Enjoy! -- J.L.

New Orleans at St. Louis (1 PM)

Ryan: New Orleans
Josh: New Orleans

Miami at New York Giants (1 PM)

Ryan: New York
Josh: New York

Jacksonville at Houston (1 PM)

Ryan: Houston
Josh: Houston

Arizona at Baltimore (1 PM)

Ryan: Baltimore
Josh: Baltimore

Minnesota Vikings at Carolina (1 PM)

Ryan: Carolina
Josh: Carolina

Indianapolis at Tennessee (1 PM)

Ryan: Indianapolis
Josh: Tennessee

Detroit at Denver (4:05 PM)
Ryan: Detroit
Josh: Detroit

Washington at Buffalo (4:05 PM)

Ryan: Buffalo
Josh: Buffalo

Cincinnati at Seattle (4:15 PM)

Ryan: Cincinnati
Josh: Cincinnati

New England at Pittsburgh (4:15 PM)

Ryan: New England
Josh: New England

Cleveland at San Francisco (4:15 PM)

Ryan: San Francisco
Josh: San Francisco

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