Sunday, October 23, 2011

NFL Picks - Week 7 Daytime Games

We are in busy season around here at Lattanzi Land. I apologize for not getting up the picks for the past two weeks. Through mid-November, we are just going to place the actual picks, but starting on the weekend of November 20th, the full explanations will be back for all the daytime games. Primetime games will still have full explanations behind the picks. Enjoy! -- J.L.

San Diego at New York Jets (1 PM)

Ryan: San Diego
Josh: New York

Chicago at Tampa Bay (London, 1 PM)

Ryan: Tampa Bay
Josh: Chicago

Seattle at Cleveland (1 PM)

Ryan: Cleveland
Josh: Cleveland

Atlanta at Detroit (1 PM)

Ryan: Detroit
Josh: Detroit

Houston at Tennessee (1 PM)

Ryan: Tennessee
Josh: Tennessee

Washington at Carolina (1 PM)

Ryan: Washington
Josh: Carolina

Denver at Miami (1 PM)

Ryan: Denver
Josh: Denver

Pittsburgh at Arizona (4:05 PM)

Ryan: Pittsburgh
Josh: Pittsburgh

Kansas City at Oakland (4:05 PM)

Ryan: Oakland
Josh: Oakland

Green Bay at Minnesota (4:15 PM)

Ryan: Green Bay
Josh: Green Bay

St. Louis at Dallas (4:15 PM)

Ryan: Dallas
Josh: Dallas

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