Sunday, October 2, 2011

NFL Picks - Week 4 Daytime Games

Today is a busy as hell day, plus the internet is acting up immensely here on my end - so I am not able to put forth a total explanation of picks. Today will be just the actual picks from me and Ryan.  He has a three game lead on me, but hopefully today will be the day that I put a dent into his lead.  Enjoy! -- J.L.

Detroit at Dallas (1 PM)

Ryan: Detroit
Josh: Detroit

Carolina at Chicago (1 PM)

Ryan: Chicago
Josh: Chicago

Pittsburgh at Houston (1 PM)

Ryan: Pittsburgh
Josh: Houston

Tennessee at Cleveland (1 PM)

Ryan: Cleveland
Josh: Tennessee

Buffalo at Cincinnati (1 PM)

Ryan: Buffalo
Josh: Buffalo

Washington at St. Louis (1 PM)

Ryan: St. Louis
Josh: Washington

Minnesota at Kansas City (1 PM)

Ryan: Minnesota
Josh: Minnesota

San Francisco at Philadelphia (1 PM)

Ryan: Philadelphia
Josh: Philadelphia

New Orleans at Jacksonville (1 PM)

Ryan: New Orleans
Josh: New Orleans

Atlanta at Seattle (4:05 PM)

Ryan: Atlanta
Josh: Atlanta

New York Giants at Arizona (4:05 PM)

Ryan: New York
Josh: New York

Denver at Green Bay (4:15 PM)

Ryan: Green Bay
Josh: Green Bay

Miami at San Diego (4:15 PM)

Ryan: San Diego
Josh: San Diego

New England at Oakland (4:15 PM)

Ryan: New England
Josh: New England

The prime time picks will have the usual thorough rationales behind the choices. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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