Saturday, September 24, 2011

Resurrection of Wednesday Night Bowling

On the blog I ran for quite some time a few years ago, The Strange World, I used to host a feature called Wednesday Night Bowling – in it, I would share the week to week progress of my team and my performance. I want to bring that back, although normally it would be posted on Thursdays rather than a Saturday.

Every Wednesday night from Labor Day week until mid-May, I bowl in a Knights of Columbus league. It is a five-person, mixed, handicapped, ten-pin league. We bowl three games against another team each week; high score + handicap is the winner of each game. A fourth ‘game’ consists of the cumulative pinfall + total handicap for all three games. Thus a team could win only one of the three actual bowled games, yet end up ‘splitting’ due to that one winning game having an extremely high pinfall.

Each bowler gets a handicap, with the lower the average, the higher the handicap. It is meant to be the ‘great equalizer’ between the teams with the more talented bowlers and those with less talented bowlers. The formula we use in the league to figure out a bowler’s handicap is the following…

Thus, someone who has a 190 average would have a handicap of 8; a 180 average would have a 16 handicap, and so forth.

We have six members on the Team and so we can rotate who has an off-night occasionally. The members of the Team will be known by their aliases. The usual lineup is the following…

1. Dad – my father

2. Mom – my mother. Is it weird that I bowl on a team with my parents? Not really, but it makes for an 
interesting dynamic on occasion since we are incredibly competitive people.

3. The Emperor – an elderly man who is our voice of sanity and humor when we aren’t doing particularly well

4. Me

5. The Captain – our anchorman and league leader in average last season. He is the son of The Emperor as well.

Our sixth bowler and regular member of the rotation is The Brother, so the entirety of the immediate Lattanzi family bowls on this team. His spot in the lineup depends on who is not there that particular week. When I started bowling seven years ago, I was that guy, so I am sympathetic to the uncertainty from week to week.

I don’t have a full recap yet, but we just finished the third week of the season, and my second week of the season (I didn’t bowl on opening night – had a previous commitment). So far the Team is 9-3, sweeping the night from the Electric Company (all the teams will also be referred to through alternative names, although if you are a member of the league reading this, you’ll get the references). I have started extremely fast – 582 and 653 sets in my first two weeks. However, I do believe the term for that would be…’unsustainable’.

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