Thursday, September 1, 2011

NFL Season Preview Outlook

Just as we have done with Spring Training the last couple of years, we will now do for the upcoming NFL season. The first game is played in a week, and as such, the time for it all to start is coming up on us pretty quickly.

The plan is to do something each day for about the next week that will talk about the team we follow, the Eagles, and then later, the NFL at large.  Right now, this is what the schedule (barring any kind of interruption or hurricane) will look like...

Friday (9/2) - Ten questions about the Eagles
Saturday (9/3) - The Eagles' Offense
Sunday (9/4) - The Eagles' Defense and Special Teams
Monday (9/5) - A Look At the Local Rivals - The Washington Redskins 
Tuesday (9/6) - The Rest of the NFL
Wednesday (9/7) - Predictions and Prognostications
Thursday (9/8) - Preview and Picks for Opening Day

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