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NFL Picks - Week 3 Daytime Games

Ryan has a two game lead going into Week Three of this here 2011 NFL Season.  I still stand by my thought that I will wipe the floor with him in our picks.  These picks are for recreational purposes only and should not be used for gambling, since we don't do spreads. As always, your picks are welcome in the comment thread.  Enjoy!  -- J.L.

Jacksonville at Carolina (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Jacksonville is going to start their rookie quarterback in Blaine Gabbart for his first career start against the number 1 overall pick in Cam Newton. I think that Carolina will finally put together enough plays to finally end up winning against a weak Jacksonville team.

Josh’s Take: The 1995 Expansion Bowl! The Jags are throwing a rookie quarterback into the water while the Panthers made that their plan all along with Cam Newton. Newton has had a couple of very good games in a losing cause, but the powers that be will allow him to taste victory as Carolina wins a game that will probably be closer than it should be.

San Francisco at Cincinnati (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Bengals have looked like a better team than I expected to see out of them with all the offseason changes this past year. I really don’t know what to think about the 49ers. They seem to have a good defense, but I don’t trust Alex Smith as a quarterback for a team. Even with saying that, I will go with San Francisco to win based on their defense stopping the rookies AJ Green and Andy Daulton.

Josh’s Take: This is a tough game to pick, being a rematch of Super Bowl 23 and all. However, this time around, Joe Montana will completely miss John Taylor in the end zone and Boomer Esiason will lead Cincinnati to victory! Also throw in the West Coast teams-can’t-win-1 PM-games-curse just for kicks.

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Miami at Cleveland (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: The Dolphins have a good defense, but offensively, they don’t have any consistency that you need to have a winning team. The Browns look like a typical west coast offense team that will rely on the short passing game. I think Cleveland wins this game with their defense stopping the Miami offense from gaining any rhythm.

Josh’s Take: Cleveland Rocks! Cleveland Rocks! The Dolphins have a decent defense but zippa-dee-do-dah on offense. Defense may win championships, but you got to have the offense to actually win the games to get your team to the tournament in the first place. Cleveland puts a strong effort in the game and wins.

New England at Buffalo (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: New England is a machine that keeps on rolling with Tom Brady. They seem to find a way to win every time and now they will face a team they haven’t lost too since 2004 in the Bills The Bills seem to be a up and coming team with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Stevie Johnson in tow. This game will be decided by the offenses and New England will pull it out in the end.

Josh’s Take: I hate the Patriots with a passion, and yet, I can’t not watch their brutal and savage efficiency on offense in picking defenses apart. Tom Brady is a robot and I just can’t see the Bills breaking their losing streak today. An entertaining game, to be sure, but New England ultimately wins.

New York Giants at Philadelphia (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Big game for both teams. The Eagles are coming off a loss that was really tough for them to swallow as they played well until the 4th quarter. The Giants are coming off a win in which they looked outplayed by the Rams most of the game. I think with Vick playing Philadelphia will win this one.

Josh’s Take: Both teams are 1-1 and the Giants can ill-afford to go 0-2 in the division. The Eagles are in better shape than anyone thought they would be considering the ugly head injury Michael Vick suffered in their bad loss at Atlanta last Sunday. The only hope for the Giants to win is to get so much pressure from the front four on Vick. Any failure and the Eagles will blow them out. That’s what I expect to happen as the New York secondary gets exposed yet again in a Philadelphia victory.

Detroit at Minnesota (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Detroit has been one of the most surprising and dominating teams in the first 2 weeks of the year. Minnesota hasn’t looked good for most of the year and Donovan McNabb hasn’t been playing well at all during his first 2 games. I think Detroit continues on its roll and defeats the Vikings.

Josh’s Take: I need to make up two games in the standings, and I believe Detroit’s run is unsustainable while the Vikings will progress to the mean; Donovan McNabb can’t always be this bad. Minnesota wins this game, although I am absolutely picking with my heart here and not my head.

Houston at New Orleans (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: The Saints have been playing well offensively the first 2 games, but they picked it up defensively last week with its blurry of attack against the Bears. For the Texans, they looked good, but this would be the first real test for them this year. I think New Orleans will win this game with its offense outscoring the Texans.

Josh’s Take: Quite possibly the toughest game to pick of the week. The Texans will be playing against a real offense for the first time this season, and the Saints will have a tougher run with their offense. I see a 27-24 type of game, with New Orleans eking it out in the end.

Denver at Tennessee (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: The Titans surprised me last week with their win over the Ravens. The Broncos got their first win over the Bengals and they were missing a couple of important players for them. I think Denver wins with the influx of those injured players helping them out greatly.

Josh’s Take: Chris Johnson will finally start earning his money while Matt Hasselbeck continues building his rapport with the receivers. The Broncos are an intriguing team, but Tennessee will continue to play well and hold off Denver.

New York Jets at Oakland (4:05 PM)

Ryan’s Take: The Jets are coming off a dominating game against the Jaguars that they just controlled everything that happened in the game. The Raiders are coming off a disappointing loss against the Bills that they should have won in the first half. New York is going to win this game because of their defense and their ability to throw the ball against this weak secondary that the Raiders have.

Josh’s Take: The Raiders are totally deflated after losing in Buffalo while the Jets are on a high after rolling the Jaguars. This game has ‘trap’ written all over it, you would think. However, the Jets are motivated and the Raiders’ defense is suspect, at best. New York will win this game by shutting down the Oakland ground attack and force them to throw 30-40 times, thus creating turnovers and general havoc.

Baltimore at St. Louis (4:05 PM)

Ryan’s Take: The Rams had some tough luck last week. They totally outplayed the Giants, but made too many mistakes to win the game. For the Ravens, they are coming off a horrible game against the Titans that have many wondering where was that team that destroyed the Pittsburgh Steelers just a week earlier? This game will come down to which defense makes more plays and I say that Baltimore wins this game.

Josh’s Take: So which team that played a crappy game last week will win? The Rams actually played better than the Giants in almost all facets except the scoreboard (the only thing that counts, anyway), and the Ravens just got their asses handed to them on a platter by the Titans. That being said, it will be a rebound game for Baltimore and they win the game.

Kansas City at San Diego (4:05 PM)

Ryan’s Take: I don’t think a team has looked worse than the Chiefs have during the first 2 games this year. Add on the injuries they have suffered, it doesn’t look like it will be getting better anytime soon. The Chargers looked good and could have won their game last week against the Patriots if it wasn’t for the turnovers. San Diego will cut down the turnovers and beat the Chiefs easily.

Josh’s Take: Kansas City is terrible. San Diego is a good team. Kansas City is on the road. San Diego wins. It really is that simple sometimes.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Both of these teams made huge 4th quarter comebacks last week. Atlanta did it against the Eagles, while the Bucs did it against the Vikings. I think that the Bucs will not be able to stop the run game of the Falcons and will have to try to have another miraculous comeback in the 4th, but this time it falls short. Atlanta wins this game.

Josh’s Take: The Falcon running attack will be the difference in this game. Whether the Bucs can stop it is the key. I bet they can’t. Atlanta wins running away. See what I did there?

Arizona at Seattle (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Both of these teams are flawed. Kevin Kolb has played well as the quarterback of the Cardinals, while the Seahawks just haven’t looked like a good team, at all. The Seahawks just look to have no depth or enough players who can field a competitive team. Arizona wins this game because they have more offensive explosion then the Seahawks do.

Josh’s Take: This game will be Tavaris Jackson’s last stand. If he plays well, he’ll get another shot being the Seahawk signal-caller. The Cardinals have an offense, but is prone to mistakes up the ying-yang. Just because I don’t know what to think, I will go with the home team. Seattle wins. God help me.

Green Bay at Chicago (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Chicago’s offensive line sucks. They are about to face a Dom Capers defense that likes to attack. I don’t see a lot of good things heading the Bears way, but at least they have a defense than can keep them in the game. In the end though, Green Bay will pull away in the 4th and get their 3rd win of the year.

Josh’s Take: This game will stay close for the first half. Then it will be Packers, Packers, Packers, Packers. Oh guess what? Green Bay will be victorious.

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