Sunday, September 18, 2011

NFL Picks - Week 2 Primetime Games

By the time you actually read this, I won't know what our records for the day games are yet.  I will have been at meetings for most of the day, and so this particular post is a scheduled one rather than being posted in real time.  Anyway, hopefully the picks went well.  Enjoy! -- J.L.

Philadelphia at Atlanta (Sunday, 8:20 PM)

Ryan’s Take: This is Michael Vick’s return to the ATL as a starter and I think the place will be rocking. This is the Eagles 2nd road game in a Dome, so I don’t expect that they will have a lot of problems with those problems, but their defense will need to stop Michael Turner from running all over them this week. Atlanta needs to go back to their run and control the clock for them to get back to winning. I just have a feeling that Michael Vick will go off and Philadelphia will win this game.

Josh’s Take: I fear the Eagles’ run defense in this game, especially with a good RB like Michael Turner just waiting to be unleashed. However, Atlanta has shown already how overrated their trendiness is. Michael Vick’s return will be a triumphant one and thus Philadelphia wins.

St. Louis at New York Giants (Monday, 8:30 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Both teams come off losses that they would like to forget. The Giants lost a really badly played game against the Redskins and they just didn’t look good offensively. For the Rams, injuries really hurt them against the Eagles and I think it might be the same case for this game. New York will win this one.

Josh’s Take: The Rams’ injury situation will continue to hurt them, and with another tough opponent, the missing people will make a huge difference. New York wins a game that will be a little too close for comfort for quite a few people.

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