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NFL Picks - Week 2 Daytime Games

Week Two early picks are here and running!  Last week's one game advantage by Ryan was just a fluke.  I am just setting him up for his inevitable collapse.  Anyway, your picks are welcome in the comment thread.  Enjoy!  -- J.L.

Seattle at Pittsburgh (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: The Seahawks look okay last week until Ted Ginn Jr decided to take over the game in the 4th. The Steelers looked horrendous last week against the Ravens and committed 7 turnovers. Their defense didn’t look good at and Big Ben was just horrible. Last week isn’t going to be this week and thus Pittsburgh will beat Seattle pretty handily.

Josh’s Take: I just can’t see a west coast team winning a 1:00 game in the Eastern Time zone, especially not one that is led by Tavaris Jackson against a good defense like the Steelers. Pittsburgh wins running away.

Oakland at Buffalo (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Both of these teams looked impressive last week in their games. The Bills totally dominated the Chiefs through every facet of the game. Ryan Fitzpatrick and company looked dangerous as an offense and they are about to go up against a Raiders team that played well defensively. I don’t know how their defense will play against this offense and take into account the cross country trip and the early start, I’m going with Buffalo here.

Josh’s Take: This is actually a tough game to predict. On the one hand, you have yet another west coast team playing in the Eastern Time zone, but two teams that played well last week. The Bills will be more rested and the Raiders could very well be due for a letdown. Buffalo wins ugly in a close game that will probably only take two and a half hours to play.

Arizona at Washington (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: I don’t know what to think about either team. Arizona didn’t look good defensively against Cam Newton and the Panthers and I never trust anything Rex Grossman does. He is so hit and miss that I just can’t see him putting 2 good games in a row, but I think Tim Hightower will control the clock and Washington will start 2-0.

Josh’s Take: The Cardinals have zero pass defense, and the Redskins have a shaky passing offense. Not exactly the unstoppable force against the immovable object. As sickening as it is to write this, I believe that we will see a 38-35 type of shootout. Likewise, I will need a vomit bag to write this – Washington is going to start the season 2-0 and all the talk of being Super Bowl will be in full force on Dan-Jazeera Radio.

Tampa Bay at Minnesota (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Tampa Bay’s defense looked horrendous last week as the Lions totally dominated them. Josh Freeman tried to make another comeback, but they didn’t look good on offense either. Considering that, the Vikings didn’t look good either. Donovan McNabb only threw for 39 YARDS! Thirty-Nine YARDS! I am going with Tampa Bay to win this game because I don’t know what to think of the Vikings.

Josh’s Take: Donovan McNabb looked really washed up against San Diego last week, but he can’t possibly stay that bad. The Buccaneers did not look great in their own building against the Lions and as such a lot of people are starting to bail on them, myself included. Minnesota wins their home opener.

Jacksonville at New York Jets (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Jacksonville isn’t a good team at all. It showed when they barely beat a Tennessee team that really doesn’t have a lot of talent. As for the Jets, they won, but they got lucky that Tony Romo decided to go back to form in the 4th quarter. I think the Jets smother them on defense and the offense will be better than last week. New York win this pretty easily.

Josh’s Take: The Jets had ‘The Great Escape’ last week against the Cowboys. They don’t need to worry too much about having to do another one here. At least, they shouldn’t have to worry about it. The Jaguars are making a bid to be one of the worst teams in the NFL this season. New York wins handily.

Chicago at New Orleans (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: The Bears looked good offensively and defensively against the Falcons last week. As for their offense, I think they could block better, especially against this Saints defense that came off a bad game against the Packers. Their offense looked good in that game and Brees looked like his normal self. This team is going to play as well as last week, except the defense will be better. I think New Orleans bounces back against this Bears team and wins.

Josh’s Take: This is a tough one to pick, but we have another potential shootout – while the Bears have a good defense, the Saints’ offense is also a force with which to be reckoned. The problem is that the Saints’ defense is just okay at best, and thus the Bears could score a lot of points. New Orleans wins a close one whose score will make people scratch their heads.

Green Bay at Carolina (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: The Packers looked like a team that didn’t lose anything during the lockout and that is a scary thing for everyone in the NFL. They played efficiently on offense, but defensively they can improve. As for the Panthers, they got more out of Cam Newton than I expected to see all year. I was surprised that he dominated a defense this early in his career. He is about to run into a wall this game. Green Bay wins easily.

Josh’s Take: Cam Newton will not repeat his Week One performance. The Packers will eat him alive. Green Bay starts 2-0.

Baltimore at Tennessee (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Baltimore looked like the most dominant team in the NFL in week 1. They totally dominated a good Pittsburgh team and made it look easy. Ray Rice is one of the scariest running backs in the NFL and I don’t see how Tennessee can stop anyone on that offense or how they move the ball. Baltimore will go into Tennessee and win easily.

Josh’s Take: This whole week seems to be a series of easy picks and cupcakes. When did the SEC get involved? Is this game the Ravens’ version of Florida International? Baltimore wins in a laugher.

Kansas City at Detroit (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Detroit looked great offensively last week. With Matthew Stafford as the QB of the team, this team can go far. As for the Chiefs, they looked absolutely horrible last week. I don’t think a team in the league played worse than them. This team looks like it is in big trouble in every facet of the game. This is why Detroit will win this game.

Josh’s Take: If the Bills could make the Chiefs look bad, one can only imagine what the Lions will do. However, the caveat is that Matt Stafford needs to stay healthy, because the Lions need to score points. The Chiefs will be playing this season mostly for pride. Detroit wins the game.

Cleveland at Indianapolis (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: The first game in the post Peyton Manning era (for now) was a disaster for the Colts. Houston totally demolished them. As for the Browns, I thought that they would play better offensively against the Bengals, but alas, it wasn’t to be. They will need their defense to be fast and aggressive like the Texans were to get to Kerry Collins. I think that Cleveland will take Houston’s blueprint and beat the Colts.

Josh’s Take: At some point, the Colts will need to figure out what the future holds for them post-Manning. Last week’s game was an absolute joke for Indy. If they lose this game, they might as well start planning for the 2-14 season. Someone even suggested on Twitter a hashtag “Suck for Luck” – that Indy tank the season to get Andrew Luck. The problem is that Indianapolis will be at .500 after beating Cleveland.

Dallas at San Francisco (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Tony Romo looked like one of the best QB’s in the league until the 4th quarter last week. He totally dominated a Jets defense that is one of the league’s best and Rob Ryan was outdueling his brother Rex Ryan, but then Romo became a turnover machine. For the Niners, they still have one of the best LB’s in the league in Patrick Willis, but still have Alex Smith as their QB. I’ll go with Dallas in this game.

Josh’s Take: Romo turned into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight and choked away a game against the Jets – but it will also be hard for the 49ers to replicate their special teams performance in this game. Dallas wins, getting their fans off the ledge in the process.

Cincinnati at Denver (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: The Bengals looked really good last week, which surprised me. The defense looked really good against the Browns and their offense looked better with Bruce Gradkowski. The Broncos looked bad offensively on Monday, but their defense looked like it could keep them into games. I think that Cincinnati will find a way and win this game.

Josh’s Take: I honestly have no clue how to pick this game. So I flipped a coin. It came up heads, so it will be Cincinnati. Sorry, Broncos, but tails just didn’t come up.

San Diego at New England (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: This is going to be the game of the week. These are 2 of the best teams in the AFC going against each other in what should be a really good game. This game is going to be all about the QB’s, Phillip Rivers and Tom Brady. I don’t think that the Patriots defense will be able to stop Rivers, while I think the Chargers will make a big play at the right time. San Diego wins this game because of that.

Josh’s Take: This should be a verrrry interesting game. The Chargers are sort of the forgotten team, mostly because of where they play and what their division is. Tom Brady and the Patriots will need every single yard and point they can get in this matchup, and that’s what they will get. New England will beat San Diego and further justify my picking them to go to the Super Bowl.

Houston at Miami (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: The Texans looked really impressive against the Colts last week and this was without Arian Foster. Wade Phillips looks as if he has made this defense better by just being there. As for the Dolphins, there defense was suppose to be their strong point, but last week they didn’t look good at all, it was their offense that looked good. I think Houston wins this game because of Wade Phillips defense give the Miami offense fits.

Josh’s Take: Arian Foster’s return should provide a boost to a Texans offense that already completely destroyed Indy last week. The Dolphins hung around with the Patriots but just couldn’t slow Tom Brady down. Houston wins on the back of their offense and with their defense making a couple of big plays.

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