Sunday, September 18, 2011

Five In A Row...

My fellow Phillies fans, we are living in the halcyon days of our baseball team.

I have always said that if someone came up to me in the year 2000, when they finished with 97 losses, and said by the year 2011, they will have the best record in baseball with five consecutive division titles, at least two NL Pennants and a World Championship, I would have laughed at them or gotten pissed off for mocking me and my fandom.

Now, though, I believe.

The Phillies won their fifth straight National League Eastern Division title last night in a convincing fashion against the St. Louis Cardinals, but as most of the team would say, the work is just beginning rather than ending.  But at the same time, there is something very special about winning the division in baseball.  Unlike football, where there are only sixteen games in a season, a baseball season is a long and slow grind: 162 games played over six months.  Constantly traveling and playing in hostile environments are regular features as well. Slumps and hot streaks arise over and over.  For these reasons winning the division is a cause for celebration; it never gets old or boring (except in Atlanta, where there are only about eighteen fans anyway).

There are twelve games remaining in the season - the Phillies are 98-52; they have gone 40-18 since I did my little update with seventy games remaining.  The franchise record for wins is 101 - barring any kind of catastrophe that record should fall with relative ease.  Just incredible to think about some times.  

These are good times.  Enjoy them, phans.  

We may never see a stretch like this ever again.    

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