Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Were You There... (UPDATED)

The Leaning Tower
of Peace, perhaps?

(No, this is not a Washington Nationals commercial)

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake whose epicenter was forty miles northwest of Richmond, Virginia was felt up and down the eastern seaboard and as far inland as Detroit and Cincinnati.  Even the President felt it as he was teeing up in Martha's Vineyard.

The rest of the faculty of DeMatha and I were having our annual blood-borne pathogens review when the quake arrive.  We were in the cafeteria when it hit and I must say it was one of the most surreal events I have ever experienced.  The floor waved and crested, the pillars shook and swayed, and most of us had no idea what had hit us.  Now, granted, the California people are old pros at this sort of thing. But for little old me, this was not fun or expected in anyway.  Thankfully, everyone is alright and we carried on after settling down.

It will be interesting to see if any of the older buildings in DC had any damage, as there are rumors that the Washington Monument is tilting.  Stay tuned on that. (UPDATE: 8:44 PM - The Washington Monument is NOT tilting, according to the same link. UPDATE #2: 10:20 PM - there are "cracks" in the Washington Monument)  But the fun isn't over juuuust yet, as we potentially have one of these coming this week:

In all honesty, though.  Give me the hurricane any day of the week over the earthquake.  I can at least prepare for the former and we can sit outside during the heavy rain and hard winds. As the missus will tell you, I absolutely hate surprises.

Today was a surprise.  Let's try to keep those to a minimum, please.

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