Monday, August 1, 2011

Law Of Unintended Consequences Strikes Again...

Or perhaps it was intended, as the Obama administration is going to require all insurance companies to cover contraception with no copays.  

I am not sure where to start with this one, other than why are insurance companies being dictated to as to what they should and should not cover.  But then, you have to get back to the heart of the whole health care reform bill, which was specifically designed to dictate what kind of medical coverage people should and shouldn't get.

Supporters will say 1) It doesn't start until 2013 and 2) religious organizations can apply for exemptions.  Sorry, but that doesn't really fly, because anyone who has a policy is going to have to pay more for it:
Insurers are expected to pass the cost on to their customers through slightly higher premiums.
No kidding!  The one thing the Obama administration (especially the President himself) hasn't gotten through its collective skull is that if you raise costs (and/or taxes) on businesses, they (the businesses) don't pay it, the consumer does.  Or maybe they do know and just don't care, and thus people are left with only two options on how to view the folks (to use an Obama word) in the administration: 1) Incompetence or 2) Malevolence.  Neither is a comfortable choice, but those are it.

Now, back to the actual topic at hand, contraception is something that shouldn't be covered anyway.  It's an elective drug that should be paid out of pocket one-hundred percent of the time by the one who desires it.  


Certainly it is, but it's also my right not to have to subsidize it through either higher taxes or higher medical premiums.  The same principle applies to nose jobs, facelifts, tummy tucks, and even abortion, which at least 92% of the time is a method of birth control in itself.  

Let's also not forget the grand irony of an ordered subsidizing of contraception - the State has, ostensibly, an interest in promoting the growth of families.  More children means a bigger tax base in the future as well as more labor to continue funding a government pyramid scheme Social Security.  Instead, they are guaranteeing the eventual death of society and a continued spiral of negative growth over the next generations.  

But that's the way they want it...

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