Monday, August 15, 2011

I Can Help You, Warren...

Warren Buffett has an op-ed in the New York Times today calling upon Congress to stop 'coddling the super-rich'.  Every time I hear or read something like this, I want to throw something or yank my (now receding) hair out.  Why?  

Because there is a way to send money to the Feds without having it built into the tax code.  He can go to this site (part of the Treasury Department) and find out how he can contribute his 'fair share' (whatever that actually means).  As I mention in the footnote of this post, people are being disingenuous if they agitate for higher taxes without mentioning the ability to voluntarily give money to the government.

Mr. Buffett is not a dolt, but must be feeling some kind of guilt.  If that's the case, just give it all to the government.  It will shrink the debt from $15 trillion to $14.96 trillion.  

Gotta start somewhere, right?  Mr. Buffett, show us the way!

*UPDATE* Pat Buchanan has gotten in on the game and has challenged Buffett to write a check for $5 billion to the government.  

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