Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene Pool...

Figured it might be fun to do a few "bets" on the events of Hurricane Irene.  Put your amounts in the comment box or if you read through Facebook, in the comments there. Closest answer wins a point for that question - no Price Is Right rules apply.  Here we go...

1. Amount of rain that ultimately falls on Cape Hatteras (in inches)

2. Time of the Eye's arrival over the Hampton Roads area (Norfolk, VA Beach, etc.)

3. Time of Eye's arrival on the main part of the Eastern Shore of Maryland (Ocean City/Salisbury)

4. Amount of rain that falls at BWI Airport

5. Which part of New York will the Eye arrive over (Manhattan, Bronx, Long Island?)

6. How long will there be major PEPCO outages?

7. How fast will the maximum sustained winds be on the western side of the Chesapeake Bay?

8. Will PEPCO outages last longer than BGE outages?

9. Which school system in the Baltimore/DC Metro area will be the first to close on Monday?

10. How many days will the school systems remain closed after all is said and done?


Nick said...

1) 10 inches

2) 5:15PM Saturday

3) 7:45PM Saturday

4) 6.4 inches

5) Long Island

6) Until Wednesday

7) 58 mph (St. Mary's County)

8) PEPCO will last longer

9) Monky and PG will call it, Monky Co will be first

10) 1 day out of nothing but fear

Let's see if my hurricane prediction skills are on par with my super bowl prop bet prowess, haha!

Anonymous said...

Nick you don't give yourself enough credit. You also have skills doing NASCAR prop bets too... Dustin