Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NFL Moratorium Over...Initial Reaction...

I have been out of town for the past thirty-six hours to attend a family funeral and thus have been away from my computer once all the fun began yesterday concerning the potential ratification of the Collective Bargaining Agreement by the NFL Players - but I wanted to give a couple of quick thoughts now before I trot out the full thought process that I had concerning the lockout over the past four months.

1) I honestly thought that the debt-ceiling deal would be done in Congress before the CBA would be ratified by the players.  Of course, I also assumed that none of this would be done until August, but I guess that was a faint hope.

2) The media storm that has accompanied all this, beginning with the owners ratifying their own CBA (what a ballsy move THAT was!) on Thursday has been thoroughly disgusting.  Our esteemed sports media doesn't even care that they have to clean up their own drool off the NFL's crotch.  You'd swear that the second coming of Christ was imminent the way they all swooped down on this story.  

3) The only ones who truly won this were the owners.  The players didn't win, no matter what media and fan meme is currently in vogue, and the fans certainly didn't win.  The players had to crash and burn the system in order to win, and they didn't do so; there was no will to do so and instead they are pretty much stuck with the same system (or worse) than they began with. Don't be surprised to hear the bitching and moaning begin sooner rather than later.

That is all for now.  Later this evening I will give the full thought process and a few other random things concerning the upcoming season as well as the moratorium itself.

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