Thursday, July 21, 2011

Emissions Test...

Yesterday, I had to go for the biennial emissions test that the State of Maryland so graciously requires for my vehicle (or is that veeee-hicle, Sergeant Rizzo?).  They didn't put anything in my tailpipe or in my gas cap area; they just plugged in something under my steering wheel. How in the world is that going to tell whether my automobile is 'up to snuff' on its emissions?  

It just got me to thinking that the test is just another money grab in the state.  They aren't really interested in knowing whether or not my car emits...whatever into the air.  Obviously, they don't have a problem with diesel fueled trucks bringing various commodities and items into our fair state or just passing through it to deliver them to other locations.  If the state (and any other entity, for that matter) wants to get serious about 'cutting emissions', here are two things they need to eliminate...

Speed Bumps

It's actually pretty obvious - especially since all speed bumps humps Traffic Calming Devices necessitate the repeated slowing down and speeding up, driving down the efficiency of gasoline and causing more crap to come out of a car's tailpipe.  I guess for all the local officials, it really comes down to which is more important...Gaia - who doesn't have a vote; or local residents, who do have a vote and don't want hot-rods driving down residential streets at seventy miles per hour.  No-brainer for the mayors and council members of the various towns.  

Toll Booths

Let's see....hundreds of idling cars in one place at any given time.  I can only imagine the carbon monoxide risk the collectors have.  Yes, Josh, but jobs!  Indeed, they provide jobs, but high-speed EZ-Pass may be putting that in danger.  I wonder what the toll-collector union has to say about that?  I suppose the state will try get the best of both worlds = charge exorbitant amounts of money to use the roads and eliminate people stopping to pay.  

I do wonder if a state will get sued one day if they go to an all-electronic tolling system without an alternative route.  Bank on that happening sooner rather than later, especially over the fact that many people don't travel some of these roads enough to justify a transponder and would rather just pay cash. So long as we are still America, currency still has to be accepted.  Stay tuned.


Doyler said...

I always laugh when I see the "Historic" plate on a '78 POS rustbucket that's 7 different colors and smells like an Exxon toilet.

Joshua Lattanzi said...

You mean something like this?

Lattanzi Alessandro said...

Lattanzi Hello, I'm writing from Italy and we have the same last name.
I apologize in advance because my English translated by Google is not perfect but I hope you understand me.
I read all the articles you write, I'd like to put something to me about the condition of the loved and hated Italy and also know what the world thinks of our Prime Minister going to hell!
Thank you for the space that you have given me.
Alessandro Lattanzi