Saturday, July 9, 2011

Congratulations To Derek Jeter

I am not a fan of Derek Jeter, but I will say this honestly and wholeheartedly: congratulations on getting your 3,000th career hit.  It is quite the accomplishment; only twenty-seven other men have ever gotten this far, and he is the first New York Yankee to ever accomplish this feat.  

3,000 hits is one of those milestones (300 wins for a pitcher being the other) that I believe is, more or less, a ticket puncher for the Baseball Hall of Fame.  There is no doubt that Jeter will go in as a first ballot member.  He has had a great career, and now he can put this as another notch on the belt.  

To have hit a home run as number three-thousand is also very cool; being only the second to have done so (Wade Boggs was the first).  It is very cool to have the game stop like that and allow for this sort of homage done to one of the greats.  The fan who caught the ball should be praised for returning the ball even though he probably could have fetched a quarter-million dollars for it (at least).  People who criticize him are missing the point and not looking at the big picture - this is a rare event and the player ought to have the memento of the occasion.  

So I say: well done, Derek Jeter.  While I'll never be a fanboy, I recognize greatness when I see it.  He can now take his place among the greats.  Enjoy it, and be reminded of the beauty and greatness of baseball through events like these.  They are few and far between, but when they do happen, stop and treasure them, for no other sport is able to deliver such indelible moments as these.  

None other, indeed.  

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